How to Know if a Cancer Man Likes You When You Are Dating

  • In the early stages of the relationship, he was a bit shy and timid, but he will get more forceful as things move along. At this point, he will have no more trouble taking the initiative. If you see the signs below, you will know that your Cancer man likes you.

    He will notice everything about you: Cancer is a nurturing sign, and he will pay attention to you so that he can make sure that your needs are met. He will notice how much you eat and how much you sleep. If you are sick, he will worry about you and want to take care of you. If this annoys you, remember that this is one of the signs that he truly cares about you.

    He may become jealous or possessive: When a Cancer man is in love, he can become jealous and even possessive. This is not one of his better traits, but it is a part of his nature. If this bothers you, the best way to handle it is to give him plenty of reassurance that you love him and that you will not leave him.
    He will take charge: Having someone to love and care about gives a Cancer man strength and courage. He will plan your dates, and from this point on, he will be the one to take the initiative in terms of moving the relationship along. It is best to just let him do so.

    He will invite you to meet his parents: You know a Cancer man is serious about you when he wants you to meet his parents, and especially his mother. Cancer men tend to be very close to their mothers, and if she is still alive, she will continue to play an important role in his life throughout his adult years. This means that it will be essential to get along with her. Her opinion of you and her advice to him about you will make the difference between whether the relationship moves forward or not.

    Friendzone warning: As your relationship progresses, a Cancer man might start to become relaxed and comfortable with you. He might want to stay at home and watch TV with you. He could also become less forceful and more passive. If he does this, he is thinking of you as a friend rather than a lover.

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