Birthday reading

  • I had a birthday of May 8,1960. Is there anyone that could give me a reading that the spirits want me to know about. Thank you and God Bless.

  • Overall, this is for you a lifetime that’s about getting your stuff together. Your greatest potential lies in being able to develop your latent powers of organization, finding a clear sense of order in the midst of a lot of chaos. The process of growing on a spiritual level is sort of a contradiction. Your spiritual growth will come from being able to handle reality and practicality. What your soul really wants is to just roll up its sleeves and get things done. This is why the greatest soul-expression for you is one that’s effective, productive, and specific. You must become the efficient soul, feeling deeply fulfilled by any sort of system, method, or checklist that will aid you in your work from day to day. In order to realize this potential within, you have to overcome the pitfalls of the old 'you' - the 'you' that is passing away and likely took up a lot of your youth and can even now be influencing you. This part of you is not organized at all. In fact, it’s much easier and more comfortable for you to just drift along in a very non-linear fashion, not trying too much to make logical sense out of anything or anyone, including yourself. Now, the good part is that you are blessed with an innately spiritual, metaphysical mentality. You already know the meaning of blissful acceptance, allowing the Universe, God, Goddess, or whatever Greater Force or Higher Power you believe in to have its way. You are capable of amazing inner peace, as a result. You are also innately compassionate toward other people, easily putting yourself in their shoes, and naturally imaginative in ways that can give life a very magical feeling. The issues you likely have encountered, though, involve being so intent on surrendering your will to something or someone (a partner, authority figures, friends, mentors, your parents, boss etc.) bigger than yourself that you forget or neglect to do the work you need to do. You can be so busy letting go that it’s all too easy for you to lose your grip altogether. This means having unrealistic or delusional expectations, and going too much 'with the flow' - waiting for things to come right for you - and not taking charge of your life. .

    But you will eventually get fed up with this hit-or-miss approach. So, you are bound to experience a breakthrough moment when you are finally ready to embrace your true mission in this lifetime. It can come from you spending so much time feeling like you’re losing your mind that you’re desperate to gain clarity and better judgment. It can be that you’re sick of feeling like life is always taking a dump on you and you want to figure out how to turn all of your problems around. It might also be that you’re tired of having such terrible boundaries and feel this yearning to be more discerning and to not have to be full of unconditional love all the time. While it’s more of a knee-jerk reaction for you to just let go and let the problem become resolved, it actually still leaves you in a state of anxiety. When you stay in that state of surrender too often or for too long, then you are actually just going to feel worse. Temporary bliss may come but be followed by greater worry, then growing paranoia, depression, and full-on craziness. The more you try to just let go and forget your problems, the worse and worse your problems will become. This ends up building to a critical degree, leaving you stuck with a giant mess on your hands and no idea what to do.

    Well, the solution is to clean up the mess! Part of you just wants to fix these problems you have on your hands. Due to your powerful fantasy life and deep sense of spirituality, you have a way of thinking that things are supposed to just happen like magic. You can definitely be one of those people who believes that blessings are supposed to fall out of the sky or appear to you whenever you need them. But life doesn’t exactly work that way for any of us. And, for you, it’s definitely not going to work that way. Instead, you need to just buckle down and get real. Things are not going to happen, change, or get fixed until you put in the hard work and the practical effort. In this lifetime, you are meant to develop the side of yourself that knows how to be productive and how to work for positive results, to be proactive and assertive and to go out and get what you want. Don't sit at home waiting for a miracle or a saviour. Be the miracle or saviour you need for yourself!

  • Thank you so much for this advise and information. I have already started some of this stuff I never get to, such as back taxes and have been going through my storage boxes throwing all clutter of paperwork I have kept for years. So you very much hit me on the head, I just did not realize how much it would hold me back. Thank you and may God bless you in all ways you may need.

  • @juliem48 you are very welcome!

  • @thecaptain could you pls give me a reading . My DOB 28-6-1992 . Also pls throw a light on my love life .

  • Cutiee27, please start your own thread and I will reply to you there.

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