Do you agree?

  • My question is do you think the following will work?
    Since October 2019 I have been sensing my ex boyfriend it started suddenly and went on day and night 24/7 until December 2019. I am still sensing him on and off sometimes more intense than others. I know he is not interested so, why am I still sensing him and when will it stop? Someone suggested that because his behaviour is still strong in my memory, that I must first forgive him, before the feelings of attachment will subside and I will again stop sensing him.
    What do you think?
    Is there anything else you can recommend?

  • You need to get to the bottom of why you still think about him. What emotions do you feel in connection with him? Even though you consciously know he is not interested, what feelings are you still clinging to? Do you still hope for a reunion? Or do you just miss having someone in your life? Or what?

  • @jayann It is possible that he is thinking about you too or may be missing you. Our mind works in weird ways you never know.

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