The State of the World

  • I would like to know people's thoughts, insights and feelings on the state of the world (BIG topic), recent political elections and turmoil in general around the world. We have seen Russian hacking occur in the US election. Now I believe here in Australia, our federal election has just been hacked by China (or perhaps Rupert Murdoch) in order to return an easily manipulated fool as Prime Minister. China definitely hacked our parliament earlier this year and it owns more property in at least two of our states than Aussies do themselves. It has sent people to disrupt the classrooms of our universities. It wants to buy more and more property in Australia, but has so far been blocked by our laws. Russia is trying to interfere in places like Venezuela and Syria etc. Is this the end times? Or at the very least a bid by foreign superpowers to control the rest of the world? We are definitely in a dark phase of history. I think Rupert Murdoch may well be the predicted Anti-Christ as he is using his media to spread lies and misconceptions. I believe that unless more ordinary people, more light-workers, rise up and fight this trend, we could be in real trouble. Does anyone see the light at the end of this dark tunnel?

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    I live in Florida and headlines here right now are that it's official that Russia hacked several of our voting counties. You think? Illinois was hacked as well. And as they plow through more of the Mueller report they expect to find more Florida always makes or breaks the election. So duh. Surely you folks outside the US are wondering how Trump happened. MONEY. It costs money to buy an election and once he is forced to surrender his taxes and financial records, the dots will get connected. So much suffering here for immigrants and refugees! And he's deregulated most of our environmental protections. Constant court battles to keep our national monuments safe, our oceans from drilling. Oh the list is long. He's stripped humanitarian assistance. He's fueled hate groups and pretty much brought every bottom feeder or crazy out of the wood work. But it's when the devil shows his face that awakens the good in good people and we have less complacency. People are banding together and fighting back and helping those suffering without the government. So as bad as this is it is as well waking up a spiritual consciousnesses. We truly are all connected..His disrespect for the female energy has been a ripple affect taking long ago won rights for woman back 40 50 years! The trend here is WAKE UP TIME!

  • Blmoon, we have just had re-elected a sexist, entitled, poor people bashing, non-believer in climate change - like Trump - and they both see themselves as good Christians!!!. And all around the world, I see the rise of more and more dictators. A reckoning/war is surely coming when we light-workers all must stand up and be counted!

  • The voter British voted to leave the EU but the politicians have decided that we are stupid and have done everything to stop Brexit. They have wasted millions and I hope the voters kick them all out of office.

  • Jayann, that Brexit situation must be terribly frustrating for you all. When will it end?

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  • I think that one of the lessons we are being called upon to learn through 'the state of the world' is that true happiness comes from within and your exterior circumstances (no matter how awful) should not alter how happy you feel about yourself.

  • Hmm, India has just re-elected an unpopular prime minister - a landslide victory which no one predicted. That makes four countries (at least) so far in recent history who have somehow voted for the unpopular party or person. America, Australia, Indonesia and India - am I seeing a pattern here? Unpredictable, even miraculous electoral victories all going to unpopular, evidently corrupt conservative candidates. .In each case, the victory was unprecedented and a complete surprise in some way. Am I paranoid, or is someone trying to control other countries and the world through the hacking of their elections?

    In Australia, the media has found out that all the wealthy electorates - apparently (and inexplicably) - voted for the Labor party which was actively campaigning to target the rich and stop all their tax perks, while the poorer electorates with the most unemployment - apparently - voted for the Liberal party who have systematically removed penalty rates, cut health care, and increased taxes for the worst off of society. 'Someone' has reversed the outcome of our election. Have they done the same elsewhere? People, if this is true, our world is under a grave threat.

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