Loved or misunderstood

  • male scorpio wm sagitarious. met at work spent lots of time together. scorpio would call 1st call of day last call of day,had lunch everyday together.scorpio new every moment of sagitarious life.

    Bought nice gifts for sagitarious,defended sagitarious at work. sagitarious became the boss...... and got fired do to posible relationship w scorpio. scorpio quit for sagitarious.

    went to work for same company commissions only and are struggleling.....scorpio became distant the calls are daily but less frequent limited to a few minutes a call from before hour long calls.

    Scorpio avoids seeing sagitarious altough calls daily. Did I mis understood a friend or was this leading to being more than friends? We shared finances,everything and talked about everything. why the distance now and he wont talk about. I fell in luv w him and he did not?

    He would get jelous when i went out with someone else or i read this way.

    he says he was trying to make me part of his life and hid a big secret"he is bi sexual" when i discovered it he started to become distant.

    I was debestated and chose to be away and altough it had been 3 days of no communication he needed me for a death in family and i came back to help.

    never understood why i had to take him to airport with so many other friends he said im the only one who gets up early.

    now im heart broken became business partners and don't know if his distance is do to discovery,financial stress or the fact he is over our friendship but why continue to call. what to do?

  • Don't know much about Scorpio men, but to answer your question and seeeming that you are confused just ignor his calls if your trying to get over this guy. Actually you are in control. Get it together girl. Take charge, your in control.

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