The Hermit reversed and The Magician upright?

  • Hello 🙂

    Can you help me with this reading...

    I asked about a situation with me and my special someone... You could say it's a love reading...

    I couldn't wrap my head around this card combination so I'm asking for a bit of help from you guys 🙂

    The Hermit reversed and The Magician upright

    What are your thoughts?

  • @missdeliriumdoll
    Which deck did you use?

    The Hermit RX could mean a block to sitting in silence, in meditation.... a challenge to one's ability to sit in silence to learn and gather knowledge ..
    While the Magician could ask you look beyond the illusion of what you are being shown, seeing beyond the sleight of hand ... The Magician can show someone who asks you use your tools to manifest your reality or can speak of someone being untrustworthy ..

    The cards have multi meanings depending on the specific question and the layout ... the position of the card in a spread can make such a difference ... was it only these two cards or was there more cards .... was a specific layout with specific positions to each card .... and also the deck can make a huge difference as each deck can offer visual clues to the meaning of the card in that moment ....

  • @hekatesxing Thank you for answering 🙂
    The deck is classic Raider Waite and I only pulled these two cards to see the present situation and maybe near future.

  • @missdeliriumdoll
    Just the two cards combined without a specific situation might be saying it is time to take action. The Hermit is an inner reflection card so in reverse it might be saying this is not what you should be doing - the Magician is a creator, he is manifesting things into reality.
    When taken in the context of a troubled relationship I see it differently. The Hermit is a sage - a wise person. The Magician can be a trickster. So a wise person in reverse next to a trickster can point to being played.

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