Can someone do a tarot reading for me... I’ve tried doing it myself but I think I’m too close to the question

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  • @mp3190
    hi it has appeared.
    @TarotNick can you help if you have time?

  • @jayann @TarotNick thank you in advance

  • @mp3190
    I have shared some thoughts in how readers can help you with a reading ...

  • Tarot cards are pictorial representations of events and energies that we are likely to encounter in life, such as determination, patience, new beginnings, leaving things behind, joy, togetherness, heartache, reflection, decision-making and many more. Tarot decks normally contain 78 cards, 22 of which are referred to as the Major Arcana and depict the major changes on our path through life. Sure! can You share some more details about you? Or contact with Online Tarot card Readers

  • @mp3190
    you said you tried
    so what was the question
    which deck did you use
    what spread was used
    finally which card appeared and in what order
    take screenshot, photo and publish
    us beginners will try to interperate what you publish.

  • mp3190

    This is what I picked up,

    You are feeling dull and can't get out of your own way.
    Which is not whom you are, you have a way of making things happen if you want them.
    Somebody has not been true, a sneaky feeling.
    This has caused the lack of skill dull feeling.
    Things are going to blow up, but it will be a good thing because you will be able to see what happen.
    A small smile shows up giving you courage.
    This will bring a bounce in your step that may open up to something.
    It depends on how you handle the situation...if you make it all about will lose the point.
    Too much of anything turns in the moment and calm.
    There needs to be a balance...right now you are feeling dull and restricted...if you let loose...that doesn't feel right either...walk the middle road.
    Use your imagination, the tough feelings will pass... you will feel it emotionally.

    Hope that helps,

  • @tarotnick
    ty Nick
    no wonder @Mp3190 is crying for help.
    trapped in a box unable to get out because nothing is working.
    I feel @Mp3190 is overwhelmed with what is happening in her life.

    she is in one of those modern room where the door is invisible and you push to open as there is not handle.. mp3190 had gone to where she knows there is a door to leave the room but the door had not opened. It is stuck so she repeatedly tried the same thing, then using her whole body, kicking it tv cop style, and a Bruce Lee Kung Fu kick. Nothing has worked. So she is sitting down stressed, worried, down hearted wondering how she can get out and what she is doing wrong as the door will not open. Because of a self inflected time constraint she is tired and stressed so she need to stop get her energy back then try again.
    when stuck in a room with a door that is jammed by stepping back, calm down and thinking means the door opens.
    the above rank is what popped into my mind and I feel.

  • Ah you are never trapped!, it just feels like that sometimes. Trick is try to see what caused your feelings and find ways to over come them.

  • good advice! SO ... how did this turn out????

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