Did I understand these reading right

  • I have been going over some readings from my past and wondered if I understood what was being said.
    Would help would be greatfully appreciated.
    I was using my friend deck and do not know what it was.
    Very unhappy - Dec 2018
    question was Will my soulmate become part of my life again.?
    Cards death, queen of cups and 5 of wands
    My female friends will help through my problems but I will lose relationships. My soulmate will not be part of my life.

    new year - Jan 2019
    Question was Will S J & I get back together & what do I need to know about it?
    cards: 4 wands, 7 of swoards, 5 of wands
    I came up with no as SJ thinks it is past and over because of pass hurt and dishonesty.

    things going wrong - Feb 19
    Question: Will positive things happen in 2019 and 2020 for me and how can I assist in obtaining them?
    Cards the star, page of pentacles; queen of wands , wheel of fortune, queen of swords, justice
    Problems will be resolved, my future will be alone, I will find a new home
    this was the hardest to understand
    Question: What is blocking you from finding new accommodation and what should I do to achive my goal?
    cards: 8 of swords; 6 of pentacles, the chariot
    there is a financial problem but I will find a new home
    Have I got the readings right?
    ty for your help.

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