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  • So I had a job interview, for a better paying job at my work. It went well they told there were other applicants for the position being interviewed. They seemed interested in me, I thought it went well. I was told they would let me know in a couple of weeks before they could get back to me. 3 weeks went by and a new girl started in my department. I was training her and I thought it was for a part time position. She told me today she got hired for the position that I had previously interviewed for! My manager never told me they hired someone else. It made this poor young uncomfortable, and I asked her why they didnt tell me. Here she was told that I knew. My friend from another department mentioned to me that she wasnt allowed to tell me. Can someone please do a reading for me? I would like to have a sense as to why I didnt get the job? Why couldn't my Manager inform me they hired someone else for the position? Should I apply for the new job lead in a different store that pays more money ? My birthday is 12-12. I just want to know why they would hire someone younger with less expenerience? Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks😃

  • You should really talk to your manager - you have a right to know why you were passed over so that you can consider whether you should stay in that job or not. If they are continually looking for younger workers (maybe they don't earn as much as an experienced worker), then you need to get out of there.

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    Spot on @TheCaptain, @TulipLilly must speak to her manager. I would make an appointment, ask why you were not told that you did not get the job, ask for feedback with regards to what you did wrong, also you need to tell the manager that you now feel under appreciated. Make notes and record meeting then write it up and send her a copy of what was said in the meeting. good managers motivate people not undermine them
    good luck.

  • PS your numerology tells me that you are in a year of endings and moving on, so something definitely needs to change in your working life.

  • @jayann @TheCaptain i think this is very good advice. Thanks so much. I do agree that feedback is important. I just can't believe they wouldn't communicate with me about it. Their behaviour is like that of high school mentality, not very mature. My personality is respectful, but I'm an upfront person. I dont like when people play games. I've never experienced this behavior in a job. With me being Sagittarius, i just dont know what to say. Because my feelings are hurt but I dont want to put my foot in my mouth. So I am waiting to talk to manager this Monday. And just trying to enjoy mothers day and my daughters holy communion. I feel like I should meditate to pick up some positive vibes. I think that would help me talk to them on Monday. 😃

  • @thecaptain well i just found a job i can apply for in the same field making more money, 3 more dollars an hour with health benefits. So I am going for it. 😃

  • @tuliplilly
    Good Luck

  • hooray! I will be sending you "thought blessings" to get the job.

  • good luck

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