will be get our relationship back on track?

  • we use to be so great and unseparatable, now it's like we can't even talk without arguing! is this over for Bert (09/23/1982) and myself Elizabeth (12/07/1983) I love him but I don't want to keep hurting if it's time to move on

  • This was more of a teaching-learning situation than an ideal love match. It was a very straightforward relationship, emphasizing intensity of emotion and an appreciation of beauty - passions no doubt ran high here. At its simplest, it was about you Elizabeth being attracted to and inspired by Bert's looks and charm, engendering a desire to become involved with him in mutually rewarding or pleasurable activities. You likely took the initiative here, but Bert was just as attracted to you for your innovative thinking and vision. Not infrequently, career and personal involvements will be interconnected here, making it difficult for professional relations to be maintained after the breakup of a love affair. Thus it is usually best if a choice is made at the outset as to whether the relationship should concentrate on personal issues or career matters; it should not deal with both. Work and play must be kept strictly separate. A love affair here may sometimes experience a split between Bert's physical attributes and your intellectual strength, but this division will also bring the two of you together - it is the classic attraction of 'beauty to brains and brains to beauty' as it were. Marriage here would suffer from an implied power structure based on whose prime attributes - looks, age or intelligence, for example - are valued more by society. Maintaining equality while at the same time acknowledging differences will be the principal challenge here. Best advice is to learn the lessons you were taught here and move on to someone more compatible for love.

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    Another straight to the point reading. I hope it helps @etarvin

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