what is mean Numerology

  • Numerology is not really about predicting the future, but it reflects the floor of a person who can lose life. Numerology depends on the date of your birth, through which it can extract some information about you, such as the life path and the urgency of the soul. Your life path It keeps you unchanged and shows your original values.
    For example, if your dob is December 19th, 1995: You need to add December which is month number 12+ date 19+year 1995= 2026, then you reduce 2026 to a single digit. In this case, 2+0+2+6 = 1. This means the life path of this person is 1. if you’re born on the 11th or 22nd of any month then you do not reduce that, that is your birth number since it is a master number. These numbers are symbolic entities in themselves.
    Life path number indicates specific traits that are present and will likely be active and influential throughout your lifetime. If you’re born on the 14th then you would add 1+4 = 5. Your birth number 5 or your ‘Karmic Number’ is 5′. The karmic number is more important than life path because the Karmic number is a vibration that you experience day to day life.

    The numbers 13, 14, 16, and 19 are Karmic Debt Numbers, which indicate areas of your past lives that could still use some work. All double digits (except the master numbers 11 and 22)to a single number by adding them together.

    In Numerology, everyone is given a Karmic Debt Number which can reveal what karma your soul has come here to realize. Your Daily Karmic Number reading guides you through the ups and downs of life.
    If your Heart’s Desire number is a Karmic Debt number, you will have a tendency to make bad choices in life.

    Every number is connected to a planet and sends out a certain vibration. All life path numbers in one word with a ruler planet

  • @future hi my name is moona ali zia i want to know my future life my date of birth is 6 November 1986..

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