• How do I move on from a heartbreak?

    It's been a while now since this happened. I'd always thought that I'd moved on. That I am fine. That I can finally face the truth. But then, there's this tiny jolt of pain I feel deep inside. I always thought of letring my feelings out. Maybe this craziness will end after this, but I am afraid of what I will hear. Why does it hurt to hear the truth from someone you love even tho we know that it will set us free?
    On the otherhand, I don't want to be laughed at just because I spoke my truth.

    I just wanted this pain to go away.

  • @saoirse Give it some time dear. Time will heal your pain. Heart break is a very painful thing one could face, it's the same pain as losing someone to death. Let it go. Let it go.
    Focus on yourself and your well being.
    It's hard but you can do it. We all have faced heart break at some point in our lives but that haven't stopped us from living,breathing.Isn't it? Life goes on and it's full of surprises. You never know what life will bring you next. Do not lose hope. Don't stop dreaming.

    Sending lots of positive energy and
    love your way. ❤

  • 😗

  • Don't be ashamed of your pain, girl! it shows you are human and caring and loving. But love is always flowing in your heart and it will eventually find someone who is more right for you and then you will get over your pain. I feel this person is very close now - just clear your heart of the old to make way for the new!

  • @saoirse
    We all know what you are feeling. @Anon-Undertaker-0 is right also @TheCaptain. You did nothing wrong in loving that person so remember what made you zing and try to forget the rest. Take care and good luck.

  • Thank you very much @Anon-Undertaker-0 @Jayann @moonalisa and @TheCaptain for the very uplifting and positive message. Reading this makes me feel better now. I know that it really takes time to heal emotionally and starting to trust someone again will be a challenge. Posting about how I felt is my way of taking all of the negative feelings out. It really helped a lot. I did not expect such responses from you. You made me feel like I am not alone. Yes we all have sometime dealt with heartbreaks in our lives, in all kinds of relationship and I believe this all made us stronger. It just sucks to realize that I had been investing on something that will only give me difficult times in the end. Yes, someone better will come, but I am afraid that I will not be able to recognize him because I am scared to love again. I have to learn to love myself again. To empower myself again. And I now believe that being here will help me heal.

    I sound stupid, but how do you know if someone is right for you? If that someone is the one for you?Somehow, hearing that someone will come into my life and is very close from you @TheCaptain made me feel a little confident. I wish I could have met that person sooner. Then I will no longer have to deal with this pain. But, thinking back, I realized that you are all right, this experience meant to teach me something. Maybe I am meant to do something meaningful.

    Thank you very much for sending these thoughts. These meant a lot for me. Really.

  • @saoirse2 Your heart will know when you meet the right person. These bad experiences will make you stronger in life and you will be able to choose good from bad. This bad phase will pass. Till then enjoy your singlehood and focus on yourself. Hugs to you❤❤❤❤.

  • @saoirse2
    you will know

  • aaahhhh ...heartbreak ...yes we ALL have been there, done that. It is a lesson that is hard to swallow but necessary ...for your growth, wisdom, watchfulness, experiences. The pain is there now for a reason too. To remind you of many things make you think seriously about everything that has happened from start to finish. To imprint on your soul what to understand and what to avoid NEXT time. Then the pain will go away. Slowly - but it will.

    I recently went through this myself ....and learned that it was not only a learning lesson for me ...but that I was there to HEAL the other person was a karmic debt being repaid. I knew it before starting the relationship and asked myself if I was willing to face it no matter what and accept that it would end ....when the healing was complete and the debt paid in full. It was good for 5 years and then started going bad on his side ..the next 4 years were not so good. At the end I was actually glad to end it and start a new "phase" of working on myself. He was an aquarius ....with many abuse issues and trust issues. I had pain ...but I also felt blessed that I could help him in so many ways to work through his emotional issues and heal. At this time in his life spirit felt I was the one needed to do the job. And I give thanks.

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