I just started reading tarot cards! any readers with some advise?

  • hi!

    i just bought my first deck of tarot cards. i have been practicing for about 8 weeks now. i really feel like i'm doing a great job, but i just wanted to get advise from other readers on anything! what would help me? what should i avoid? ect!!!

    thank you!!!


  • Follow your intuition, that is the key. If you feel something is a message coming from the card even if you don't know the person, just go with it. It might mean something to them. Try and take your time if you can, take all the cards in, relate them to each other, let them speak to you. I like lighting some candles or incense or both, if I can. Everyone reads different and every reading can be right in different ways. The key is to just try to go with your heart and your gut, plus your head, to do a reading. If it's not so pleasant news or something someone may not want to hear, just try to find a sensitive but honest way to say it. It can be hard sometimes to tell people some things they don't want to hear. I am still learning too even though I have been reading for a bit, but every day you learn something new. Try not to focus on being right so much and just go with the flow. When you are worried about what the person will think about what you say, it is harder. You'll do good because you have the desire too. That is the main key. Happy reading 😃

    Universal Harmony

  • thank you! i feel that if i read more for people that i don't know i would feel more inclined (and less resistance from myself) to tell them the truth that i'm feel to be true. with family and friends , sometimes i feel that i'm in to far, personally, to give them an honest answer with out having my personal feelings about the situation.

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  • You know it's funny you say that, that is almost exactly what I read in a book about reading tarot cards. Which means I definitely think you will get the hang of it. They said many times it is easier for beginners to read for strangers than loved ones as it can get personal and clouded with our own views sometimes. I find the same thing true. This place is good practice and aecletic.net, lets you exchange readings after I think one week of membership and 25 posts. You can offer readings in exchange for another reading.

  • Hi;

    I think is great that you have a new pack of Tarot cards- the bad news they need to be "used" in order to work. New packs do not work very well.. so try using them as much as you can, not only in readings.. For start you should use visualisation.. of each card and what it means to you.. then read what it represents..

    One thing you should avoid is using your right hand when you draw your cards.. You should pick your cards with your LEFT hand- that if you are RIGHT HANDED.

    Good luck with your new found gift!

  • HPriestess, I woulkd like to know why you left hand?? you know, I've notest that when I draw the cards with the left hand is more accurate, why is that??

  • I think I have read the it is the left because the left side is the more receptive side of the body, therefore the cards you pick are apt to be me picked out of your intuition and picking up energy etc.

  • One thing to remember is that while it's great to have a book on tarot, always take a close look at the pictures on the cards first and see what they are telling you. Open your mind to all possibilities, and like UniversalHarmony said, follow your intuition. Then take a look at your book's interpretation. I have a hard time doing this myself; I always want to see exactly what they mean right away, but you gain a lot by looking carefully and using your own judgement. Also, you should be the only one to use your cards, it keeps the energy pure. Good luck, and best wishes reading!

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  • Universalharmony ,

    thank you for that site! i've been lookin g around on it and i found a lady named Diane at www.tarot-revelation.com. she breifly touched on how her mum advised her to read others. thank you for suggesting that site!


    i have noticed, the more i use them the more accurate they become. i just thought maybe it was because i was feeling more comfortable with them too. i am right handed, but i do pull cards with the left hand (i just always felt comfortable doing it that way). i have also been studing them whenever i get a chance (like on my lunch break, or at home) i don't do readings (becaue i tried to do them on myself & i wasn't feeling that it ws accurate), but i do pull the cards as if i am dong a reading and try to remember the cards' meaning. and what it means to me.


    LOL i still have a tendency to want to look right away too! i've been trying to cut down on that! i do want to learn thier meanings so i end up looking at the meaning eventually. that seem so be helping out. of course the major arcana cards a easier to remember than the minor arcana.

    another question;

    with the spreads, i only have been practicing one spread. i want to learn more just for the sake of knowing, but i didn't know if one would get a favorite spread that works for them an use it for the most part or if there was reasoning behind using this spread for this situation, and another spread for another situation. any advise on that?

  • Hey Enne,

    Happy Halloween! I will check the link out that you left. It's good you are talking to other people about it too. I like aecletic, but I admit that I am on this site much more. There are so many categories to choose from on that site and what you talk about can never stray off subject like how it does on here, if it does the moderator reminds you and redirects the convo. It is cool though because I have gotten a pendulum reading on there too. As for spreads, it is good to practice and memorize one spread you are comfortable with. Past, Present, and Future is an easy one to remember. My favorite one for general readings and certain general questions is the spiral. It is 7 cards placed in a spiral shape and represent inner, outer, past, present, future, lesson/advice/outcome, and wild card or card to tie things up/give extra advice. It goes like this:

    4 5




    7 6

    That is how you lay it, hopefully the post keeps the format. I would say memorize one and then try out whichever ones you like. Aecletic also has a spread glossary with every spread for every situation you could imagine. Sometimes the situation requires a different spread and if you use one that isn't suited for the question, the answers won't make sense. Example: If someone asks How Does Michael feel about me? You don't want to use a large spread like the celtic cross or the spiral. You could use past, present, future or a spread just for feelings like The Chalice, or you could pull one to three cards and see what emotions and feelings you get from them and read from there. It is up to you to feel it out and see what feels best for you and the querent. I am taking a class called Intuitonal Tarot right now, it is a great class. You learn to develop your intuition through tarot, dream journaling, and meditation. They have a variety of spreads to learn and use, some even using magick. If you are interested, it is a school for all kinds of magick/wicca/tarot/divination related things. It is called the Magic Circle school and all of the classes are free. You only have to complete one assignment a month and personally, I love my teacher. Here is the address: One of the most commonly used spreads, the celtic cross, is one I still don't have memorized nor does it one of my favorites, but it is all personal choice.

  • hi universal harmony,

    can u guide me.

    in my present relation, my male force comes out, i mean im taking out my manly qualities like all the initiative, planning, thinking about money etc...i don't feel like i can be free n he can treat me like a princess, sometimes if not all the time, instead im his pillar of strenghth, n he finds security in me, knows ill eventually earn more than him, etc etc..

    is this normal, i had read in posts somewhere about concept of animus and anima,, what relations are good.

    i want to feel and be treated like a female. am i choosiwrong peopleor im supposed to e like this in this lifetime., or do i misinterpret or feel wrongly, he is man enough?

  • Univeralharmony,

    i just wated to thank you for that site. i have been practicing nearly every day, i take notes, and i memorize all that i can. you habve been a huge help to me. god bless you!


  • Enne,

    I have been reading Tarot cards for 36 years. One of the things you want to do is to imbue your energy onto your deck, in order to have a good connection with your deck for more accurate readings. You can do this by simply sleeping with your deck under your pillow for a night. This will help your deck absorb your energy from your subconcious mind. Also, I allow the person that I'm reading for to shuffle the deck before a reading. I tell them to shuffle the deck until it feels "right" to them, then I draw the cards and do the reading. This allows the cards to pick up on that persons energy and connect to them as well. After each reading, I "cleanse" their energy by holding the deck in my hands and imagining my energy flowing through my arms and into my deck. Each time I do readings, I will sleep with my deck under my pillow again. It doesn't have to be right under your head, because that might be kind of lumpy, lol, but even off to one side is fine. The more you handle your deck, the more connected you and your deck become, and this will help to hone your intuition regarding your readings.



  • Lol, Enne, your post made me smile! Good for you for doing your best to stay connected with your cards. It's kind of like having a partner, and the more that you and your partner work together, the easier and better the working relationship will become.

    And as far as remembering the meanings of each card, practice makes perfect. It's not easy to remember meanings for so many cards, but it will come in time. What you can do is practice going through your deck, pulling out random cards, and sort of contemplate them...feel them, and try to decide what you are picking up from them as far as what their meanings might be. That also helps to hone your skills. After you do this, then you can look up the cards meanings and see how accurate you were. This is just an exercise that can help to accelerate your learning. 🙂

  • i've been practicing that as well. so far i know a few of them fairly well. i'm gonna keep practicing! i'm getting exited about it!!!

  • I have what you might call a silly question, Why do you need a spread? I use a basic 3 spread for past, present, future. but the other night. I decided to just thank my spirit guides for any assistance they may be able to give me and then continued to draw cards until I felt I got the messsage I was meant to recieve. I ended up with 6. Is there a 6 card spread?

  • Hi

    I have been reading for others for about a year now( 2 if you count the readings I did for friends amd family)

    The advice I was given was to have a separate pack for personal readings ( do not let anyone but yourself handle these)

    and another for others readings, remember to cleanse the cards and yourself after readings using either insense and putting the cards through the smoke, meditation tecniquesor any other method that feels comfortable to you.

    Limit yourself to only a maximum of 10 readings in aweek at first ( i was told first 6 months)

    This is hard to do as the cards will call to you, but try to resist if you can as it will drain you otherwise and this makes you more prone to picking up negative vibes.

    My third piece of advice was to look closely at the pictures first to discover what they mean to you and also get as many books as possible from the library etc on the subject and begin to collect as many meanings for the cards as you can find, this is so that you do not just get stuck on one meaning only.

    It is also a good idea to work out why you do not like certain cards and if you connect them with any events in your own life.

    I hope this helps you.

    I wish you all the best on your journey.

    love and light


    p.s if you want a volunteer then feel free to add me to the list

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