Working to understand the Night Sun Deck

  • I've been searching the internet for a place to talk about this deck.. Obviously Aeclectic Tarot is only for reading now.. so I'm glad this exists.

    I've been a reader for quite some time, but for many years I have been without a personal deck and have resorted to online readings from (typically) While it has served its purpose for a while I finally decided to replace my lost deck(s) from years ago.. and the timing and all must have been right because I managed to find 2 decks (in a 4 deck buying binge) that attracted to me. It was obvious that no was around to gift me a deck so I bought a few so that I could find out if any resonated with me.

    Turns out my first choice was right on the money, literally, but it wasn't the first that said "open me"... it was second. This is the Night Sun deck, and there is something about it, even though I've managed to grasp most readings intuitively, that can make me scratch my head.

    First of all, it makes a great partner to my other deck, "Dark Angels Tarot", which is suited very well for the realm of emotions, love and relationships. Its deeply romantic theme and portrayal of the R.W.T. world, I can't imagine another deck that could tackle the issues when it comes to a connection with another person. My introduction, the "Getting to Know Spread" told me outright that it was here to help me with the matters of love. The Lovers card was in the "What you're here to teach me" position. And my follow up spread, when asking about future possibilities kept pointing to the same thing, that I wasn't yet ready for anything yet and needed to iron out other parts of my life.

    I've been working on my career and that part of my life hangs in the air and it is what I really need to focus on. This is when the Night Sun began to start shouting at me. So I unwrapped it and read it. The two decks are like night and day as far as I'm concerned. It's a great dynamic yin-yang duo for me. What I like the most is how it reflects and follows the Crowley deck, which is one of the first (if not, the first) decks I ever used, so I had an instant way to connect with it in general. BUT, I really wish there was a book to help with each card. I suppose this is a thing with Lo Scarabeo decks, a small booklet is all you get.

    This wouldn't be a problem for me usually, but here's the thing... even cards that typically denote matters of concern or negativity are put in a positive sense, upright.

    It appears to draw from a very positive note. In other words, a constructive basis of answers, which is great if you are searching for answers of support for constructive and critical thinking. While it's awesome for matters of creativity, building yourself, your life, etc. it also has a reversal meaning for everything.

    All the 5s of the suits are nothing like other decks. The 5 of wands appears to be about constructive action, moving on, changing direction or putting yourself in a better place. The 5 of swords is another about changing direction of thought and coming up with new ideas and so on... While this is great for me, because I already want to take these messages and spin them into a positive light, sometimes in a reading I find myself wondering what it's really trying to say.

    When the booklet has both positive and negative descriptions for each card, you assume the negative is usually for the reversed appearance. But what if you have what is typically a negative card upright on a position where there's a warning, or question of avoidance? In other words, if I had a position saying "Watch out for" and I get an upright 5 of wands, which way am I to interpret that?

    I hope this makes sense. It's confusing because, if I had it reversed then I'm wondering, should this be positive or negative?

    If there's anyone out there who has had experience with this deck or something similar, I would love to get some advice. Thank you in advance!

  • @jaidenleed

    II don't have this deck but i find the position of the layout dictates the meaning of the card .. eg Position : "Watch out for...... " 5 of Wands I would usually say battles , challenges, strife... anxiety, frustration , holding back from commitment, ... shallow imitation.... etc ...
    If 5 of Wands was RX- artificial show of strength or direction. a sense of emptiness and arrogance, lawsuits and trickery ....

    "Watch out for " implicates the negative aspects of the card ... not always the reversed ...

  • @jaidenleed
    Also I find the little White books can be interesting but find they can interrupt the flow of a reading ....if you are use to reading the cards a certain way ... I have found with several decks that have their own interpretation don;t always work that way for me ... I look at the imagery and read intuitively .. what is the image telling you also ... about the meanings you know about this card traditionally ...

    Looked at the imagery ... I see this Guy, this Warrior ready for battle maybe .... Very Lower Chakra energy ... looking as though it could be related to energy, vitality.... He seems aggressive in his approach to moving ahead ...

    I just had a quick look and found this interesting blog
    a look into this card 5 of wands

    Hope this may help you .....

  • @hekatesxing

    I checked this out, that was heavy and deep ... but very interesting and insightful! Made sense to me. I love the info you always share on here ...thanks so much.

  • @badgerwoman
    I love looking deeper at some of the cards, the imagery speaks volumes ...

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