Would appreciate a reading looking into a breakup of a 8yr r.ship please, please no zodiac reading

  • Would love a tarot reading please. Thank you

  • @vettech78
    please provide date of birth
    this helps with psychic and numerology
    good luck.

    @TarotNick can you help or @hekatesxing

  • @jayann. Hello, my birthdate is 11/10/1978

  • Jayann, I don't do tarot readings.

  • @thecaptain

  • @jayann. Oh, ok thats fine then. You have done some very well readings, any reading you do will be sufficent if you could please.

  • @vettech78
    do you want @TheCaptain to do a psychic reading?

  • @jayann. Yes I would love that, thank-you. We been 2gether for 8yrs, engaged. It was not long ago he willing to go to courthouse. He got his life together since meeting me. He was always saying how Im best thing to happen to me. He was comfortable w/commitment. Raising a dog together lol. our r.ship may not have been perfect but we were getting thru it,and willing 2keep doing it. Even in weeks prior to breakup he was loving towards me. He is not a cheater type either. We were a couple thats always together,and he be a homebody. Go to work-come home...... and he is family minded. There are few things going on and some big things that likely played a major the breakup. But its confusing, I would like as detailed as the reading/energy will allow. Iv been doing alot of thinking back etc.. depending on whats going on here, iv have a game plan on how to proceed/or not proceed.. but my biggest issue is i dont have behind scenes knowledge.

  • @vettech78
    @TheCaptain you are on.

  • Can you post his date of birth so that I can tune into his energy?

  • @thecaptain. Ok, 12/2/1979

  • Just checking - is that 12th February or 2nd December?

  • @vettech78
    yr dob is 11th October 1978
    10th November 1978

  • @thecaptain. Its december 2nd 1978

  • @jayann. My birthday is november 10th 1978. His birthday is december 2 1979

  • If it can survive the love affair, this relationship can do well as a marriage. The air of calculation in this relationship indicates forethought and purpose. With each other, both of you are able to be sure of what you want and are willing to make the necessary sacrifices to get it. The result is the potential for great achievement. The two of you can be strongly attracted to each other; so some type of partnership between you would be inevitable. Yet your chemistry is exothermic, meaning that the heat of your reaction to each other isn’t always put to good use. Unless you can focus some of this energy on goals of a higher, more spiritual nature, you run the risk of producing a damaging kind of implosion. Your partner is very independent and can awaken in you some dormant energies in that direction, while you in turn can ground his wilder and more flighty tendencies. Your love affair will be very intense at the start, but feelings can sharply and quickly fall off. Like a lightning rod, you can pull your partner's 'fire from the sky'. That energy is easily lost, but if it can be contained, it will provide a driving current. So do not seek to ground him too much in a purely material life or he will ultimately fly away to be free. He needs creativity and passion and freedom to be himself.

    This is a matchup that will rarely survive on romance or sexuality alone - it needs concrete goals. The project of building a family, career or lifestyle may well be what the two of you want, and marriage will often supply it. Your relationship can drive you both on willy-nilly, and in the process, both of you might undergo a metamorphosis, or at the very least a significant change in your personalities - for good or bad.
    You Vettech can be a strongly controlling force whose guidance your partner may be open to accepting. In a linked business or career, you will often handle the finances while he gives the partnership its dynamic public persona. Problems can arise when too much is demanded of either person, for versatility is seldom a strength here. Stricter separation of business and pleasure, career and home, and social and personal aspects of life may have to be maintained for the sake of sanity and stability.

    In summary: this can work if you don’t expect too much from each other and you both make solid contributions that really count. Beware of using each other selfishly and keep your eye on the ultimate prize or goal and don;t get distracted by things that don't matter..

  • @thecaptain
    ty for being so kind and doing a reading I hope this helps @vettech78 to makes plans for the future.

  • @thecaptain. Thank-you for the reading. It definately matches up to scorpio/pisces interreactions. However, I not sure how to interpret it in regards to my specific circumstances. The main reason(s) for why he broke up with me. Whats going to happen regarding his 9yr old boy that he is currently taking care of cause his mom said she couldng handle him, yet she now talking about taking him back to iowa with her. Whats going thru his head right now? Friends/family and myself are baffled by this whole situation. We haven thru alot of intense crazy times and obstacles and we were always left standing together side by side.

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