Hello, Novice Reader here 😊

  • Hi, newbie here. Is this the right place for an intro?

    I shifted my youtube channel from general topics to being a tarot channel earlier this year when I took up the study of Tarot and it was the best thing I have done in a long time. So I started looking around for a good Tarot forum and I found this one. Hopefully it will work smoothly on my android.

    I am in my 60's and have taken to Tarot like a fish to water. I am still a novice, using the RWS and sticking pretty close to the books. I am just starting to incorporate card relationships in the spreads and looking at timelines.

    I recently picked up the Lost Tarot Of Nostradamus and am loving that deck.

  • @tarottruth
    hello and welcome
    I hope to see your input with regards to readings.

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