Anyone willing to do a reading for me?

  • I hate asking as it seems there is an overabundance of us all wanting readings here! I can't even offer one in return. Well, I guess i could try but am afraid it would be laughable. Actually, when people have asked specific questions, i'm usually able to get a decent response.....hmmm... anyway, I'll be willing to try in return as long as you know that I'm pretty much a newbie.

    SO... I was hoping someone could get a read on what will be coming up for me in the next few months or year. I gave a up a job to move and help out a family member recently. It was a pretty desperate circumstance and i was the only family in the position to help. Anyway, now I am sort of floundering. I'm trying to start up a new life again and find another job as the family member is pretty well recovered.

    I'd also like to know about any possible love relationships. I'm mid 30's never married, no kids. Kind of wondering if that will ever be in the cards for me. Many thanks in advance for your response.


  • Hi,

    sorry to be random but would your name perhaps be Cindy or Sidney or anything along the lines of that? with brown soft silky flowing hair that is past your shoulders but not too long?


  • Hi ChocolateZ. Thank you so much for your response! No, I'm not Cindy or Sydney but name does end in "i" sound. I have long blonde hair that is past my shoulders....not too long. Would you like more information?

    Thanks so much for giving it a shot! I'd love to hear more if you get anything! xx

  • Stoneye: It was a good idea to leave the guy you were with- Noone "deserves" to live with problems, problems are there to be solved. He obviously could not do anything to improve the situation since he was unwilling to leave his life for his "wife" (girlfriend). In the Bible it is said that Abraham, the father of all monoteism in this world (belief that there is only one allmighty God), left his family, his parents and where he lived in order to do what he felt was right (what God wished for him). In the Bible, it is also said that the man must leave is parents and live with his wife. So this is to illustrate that God does not automatically want for us to stay with our parents and stay in our birth city, but that we do what is good no matter what we must leave behind us in doing it. Even Christs mother was left by her son. He accepted his torture and death because it was Gods will. So you are mature to make that choice that you did when your boyfriend did not want to leave his family for you. You should be more important for him than that.

    I dont feel anything clearly about your future, but I do feel that you are intelligent and attractive. And that you dont have mental problems for example. You are quite grounded and relaxed. And you are humble. So there will be no problem for you to attract the man you want. I dont think you will stay single for very long. Perhaps for one year or 18 months you willstay single, and then meet a man with more maturity than the one you were with.

    All you need to do is to trust that the right man will come to you. So you dont need to look for him. He will come to you when you are at peace and ask God to give you the right husband. The more patient you are the quicker he will come to you. That is because patience is because of trust in God.

    I dont do readings. I dont have tarot cards or use any kinds of tools. I am just saying what I feel when I read your text. And I must say that I believe strongly in God, whatever name we give the creator. So just trust that God will send you the right husband, and the right husband will emerge in the right time. The more you trust God, the better the result.

  • Thank you Hanged Woman,. THANK YOU. The information you gave about my ex boyfriend could not have been more true. I am very glad that you reminded why I made that decision to leave and also the encouragement you gave. I knew/know it was right to move on but I do find myself at lose ends now and am simply looking back at at the last stable (albeit negative) situation I was in last. Currently, everything seems up in the air and I don't like it! True words again from you though..... to have faith and trust in God. I work very hard to remain positive. It is very easy to spiral into that bleak hole of depression but it certainly doesn't do any good! I know that there is a time and reason for everything and your post reminded me that every single time things have seemed unsurmountable or too much, something or someone has always come long as we keep putting ourselves out there to improve our lives, remain faithful and open-minded, things do change and improve. I've become impatient and want to know NOW that everything will be ok. I will remember though to have ftrust in God and faith. Thank you again for such a clear and good message.

  • I understand the feeling of wanting to hear about the future because you want to know NOW that everything will be okay. I understand that feeling one hundred percent. But everything WILL be allright. That is the truth. That is what we get when we believe it and trust it. We must be able to let the highest One heal our lives, heal our everything. We must let. We must let ourselves receive by opening up for what we want. Or even to give our will to God, so that our will can be healed. That is even better than pursuing what our will want.

    As we trust God, then it will be as it is said in the Bible: That Christ is our builder, the one who builds our lives up. The one who creates miracles in our lives and gives us everything that we need. I dont really mean the person Christ, but the "Christ" inside of us - our own inner light. The word Christ means "The one who is chosen by divine intervention". So we are called to follow Christ. We are called to let divine intervention happen in our lives. We are all chosen to follow the divine will. That is why we are given Gods will in our souls, so that we can follow it. That is why it is said that we are created in Gods image. So you just trust the Allmighty, that everything will be allright, and then that will be. See and remember what Christ said: "You will receive according to your faith."

  • Thank you Hanged Woman, I understand why you chose your moniker now. It makes perfect sense. I also read your replies to another post where you delved in to Buddhism and some other beliefs and how they are really touching on the same ideas regardless the messenger and your responses have really hit home with me. Just wanted to thank you for that.

    Personally, I have been so busy in the past and so anxious to "produce" that I almost feel as though I am being forced to stop and reflect. I have had a lot of trouble the last year making a decision about: where to live, what work to do etc and obsessing so much about making the "right" choice. When I finally just made a choice and got ready to move a few months ago, take a new job (even though I didn't feel strongly one way or the other about my decision) something inevitable happened with a family member that pulled me right back to where I am....sitting around wondering what I should do next! I have kind of thrown my hands up in the past month and thought...fine! I won't make any big decisions until it becomes clear to me what exactly I should do! Call it gut instinct, or whatever... that feeling of just knowing I am in the right place and time has been eluding me the past year or two. Now, I'm thinking that maybe what I'm supposed to be doing IS just this...feeling lost, slowing down, feeling frustration and finally letting go. Almost like a vase that has been emptied, cleaned and waiting to be filled up with something better or more useful. Maybe I should change my name from stonyeye to empty vase? 🙂

    Thanks again for your reply to my post and others. I have found a lot of truth and wisdom in your responses.

  • I could really use a reading myself PLease! I'm kinda in a new relationship ( I think that 's what it is?) HELP!! I'm a Cancer and he's Capricorn, I really need to know what's goin on!

  • Yes, perhaps that is what you have been supposed to do, to just learn how to NOT having to do anything. And to let go of those demands that you have felt from yourself.

    To feel that there is something we "must" do, can mean that we dont trust that God is doing something for us. It can be a sign that we must trust that God can help. God can help us with everything.

    And as it is said:God helps those who helps themselves. This has to do with the approach that we have to life.

    If we seek wisdom about life, about how to come home to ourselves and remember who we are, if we seek that wisdom, then we gain it, and from our inner approach the world around us is shaped.

    That is why it is said in the bible: If you command this mountain to move from here to there, and you truly believe it, then it will happen. And that is why it is said in the Bible that life comes out from the heart.

    And that is why it is said in the Bible (Johns book): "In the beginning was the word, and the word was with the Lord, and the word is the Lord."

    And that is why it is said in the Bible: "God created human beings in His image." That means that God planted His will in the soul of human beings.

    And this is why God commands us human beings to accept that we are gods, children of the highest One. And that every word that comes out of our mouths, we will see the concequences of. This is not to punish us, but is in fact the reality of how much power God gave his children. We are in fact Gods children, above the animals.

    We must be lord over our lust, desires and fears and anger. These are animal feelings. That is why it is said in the Bible: God created man, and said to him (Adam): You must be lord over the animals, plants and rule over the world. This only means that we must be master over the animal, plant and material emotions that we at all times are surrounded with. We must master them. Then in fact no animal can harm us. Then animals in fact will be harmless, because they are below us spiritually.

    And this is why it is said in the Bible: Seek wisdom, and you will receive both that and everything else that you need, both in your life and in your soul, and you will forever be blessed.

    Amen to that. My speach is over. My outburst is over. 😉

    I have to give my signature to this long speach:

    The Hanged Woman 😉

  • Hi Everyone, I am new on here. Well the forum at least.

    I also do postal readings and readings over the internet.

    I live in the UK .....


  • Could u please give me a reading about me and someone I'm seeing? He's Capricorn and I'm Cancer. He keeps giving mixed signals!! Thank You

  • Hi Sherann do you have skype or msn?? rainbowdancer19

  • Rainbowdancer19-after you have helped Sherann will you please get in touch with me> I have a situation that I'd like to hear your thoughts on.


  • Hi Becky, of course I will. Do you have a msn/skype handle....more private than here. M

  • rainbowdancer19, i would love to get in touch with you. I do have skype and msn.

    If you have FB could reach me there first at the name Taureengirl Brits. Thank you.

  • would u b able to do a reading for me rainbowdancer19??

  • Hi Becky, I have left you a message on facebook. M

  • Hello Sweet Tyler, yes I can. Do you have skype, facebook or msn??

  • Hi rainbowdancer, I would love a reading hopefully you can help me clear some things up. I do have msn, hot mail I go by Khemosabie. I hope to hear from you.

    Light and Love

  • Sorry I have taken such an age to reply. I have a busy week but hope I can catch you on msn sometime later this week. M

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