Do you agree that a retrograde period isn't always a good time to act?

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  • @jayann
    You GATHER a lot of information. Organizing is a challenge for you. Applying info to your present challenges slips through your busy mind. When you are in the flow or make room for info needed it will come to you. It is work for all of us. The best thing to do with planetary influences is to use them best to your advantage but not give them a total prediction of how it's going to be. I like to know what's out there in the cosmos because it often explains feelings we are having, urges, and trends that seem to be affecting everyone. Then you can stop trying to figure out what's wrong and just rest in that "this too shall pass place". Best advice for you is to go WITHIN more. We must not ignore our personal journey. You have to be at the wheel of your own life. In fact, I know if I have dreams of riding in a vehicle and someone else is driving that I am getting a message direct from higher guidance that I am losing myself. It is in our best interest to grow alone with our quiet self, to become self sufficient and to recognize messages that come to us everyday. Spirit's message for you is to JOURNAL. Just do it. Fill pages everyday of all that weighs your mind. Get it out. I know you have asked many times for readings. You still have too much cluttering your brain for a good reading to take root. Too many unhealed emotions to be ready for a solid foundation of applying a new life, this day forward. Your past and future occupy too much space. The past and future do not exist. Make peace with it by not needing to talk about so much, get it all out on paper for at least 3 months and I promise you answers you seek will come. BLESSINGS!

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