Love reading please...

  • Hi Friends, Can anyone give me a love reading looking at the whole picture. I have been single for some time, and I wonder if love is on my path, or if there is something or someone else? Maybe something holding me back? I am not actively looking....regardless....any insight would be met with gratitude and grace. Thank you,

    Jennifer Ann McDonough
    (I go by Jen)
    Birthday: 2/15/80
    Born: Orange, NJ
    10:05 am

  • Jen, I am sensing that you find the average guy just a bit dull and uninteresting. Maybe just the one partner will not do it for you. Do you fantasize about James Bond or Indiana Jones sweeping you off your feet? Do you think your standards are too high or unrealistic? Still, you can join an adventure club or take up an exciting hobby or job if you want to meet exciting men. You need to find someone who is as willing to experiment and have fum as you, someone with curiosity and imagination who can take you away from the dullness of 'everyday'. Just bear in mind that there is no 'perfect' partner or relationship - but the two of you can make it wonderful with some hard work and love. I also feel you have some trust issues to overcome, based on past bad experiences.

  • @TheCaptain very true. Bad trust experiences. And i have little self-worth, even though I know who I think I am and what I am in present are 2 different people....I don't know if 1 person will be with me forever, I just want someone to share this amazing experience of life together for as long as that lasts....I have a negative self image, so bad i hibernate from the world....which deprives the world of this wonder that is me (not being conceited)....i am a clusterf**K....I feel trapped, in my mind, which has trapped my entire experience of life....and I don't know how to get out....where to start, what to do., and who even really cares anyway....again...brain mush all over this blog....i know i need to do a lot of work....i have to make time out of the little time I have and start small...but I want it now...I see who I was and who I want to become again...and damn it!! I want it now!!! (yes, a toddler, stamping her feet).

  • @TheCaptain I guess I can't even believe there could be love in my future, I have too much I need to work on before that can even be a thought....

  • @jenmcdonough6gmailcom
    According to @TheCaptain if you are looking for and want a relationship. AND OR marriage it will not happen because you are sending out wrong signals.

    Spend time with people who make you shine and doing things that makes the true you happy.


  • @jenmcdonough6gmailcom in other words, you don't love yourself so how could anyone else? But this is only your low self-esteem talking.

  • Jen, this happens to most of us. As we grow older, the world seems less like the magic kingdom we thought it as kids and begins to look very dark and threatening. So we build 'walls' to protect ourselves - we surround ourselves with possessions, responsibilities., illness, career, people etc in order to feel safe or to take away the need to do anything at all. But at some point, these 'walls' become our prison and we are trapped into a dull routine. To escape, you have to dismantle the 'walls', ridding yourself of every excuse you have built up to keep yourself safe. But it meant that you walled yourself in against change,. You have to break down the prison in order to be free again like a child. Put away from you everything you don't need, the things that hang around your neck like an anchor. But change is .scary - you have forgotten how to initiate it. Start small - change one small thing in your routine, like going to work a different way or having something different for lunch. Do something you have never tried or done before. You need to remember how to change. Gradually you can build up to bigger changes, once you are used to the feeling of change and worked out the method that works best for you.

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