Help save a poor dog ,,,

  • Can I ask the the members of this forum to send some love and light to the caretaker of a lovely friendly, female spaniel whom I see every day on my walk around the neighbourhood? I used to pet her every time I went by and she is so sweet-natured. I believe her lady owner is away (for over a month now) and the man she left in charge of her dog obviously doesn't like animals. The poor animal used to have the run of the whole yard when his owner was there, and she was always out playing with her. But the dog has been tied up on a four foot leash most days and nights since the owner left - no exercise, chained to the front porch and ignored by the male caretaker except to feed and water her. The short leash was bad enough but at least she could move around the porch. But for the last two days, she has been tethered to an even shorter leash, about two feet long. She cannot move much at all and can only lie down very awkwardly. It must be torture to be immobile all day and night. She could barely raise her head when I went to check on her today. I fear she is slipping away - this dog is very energetic and needs to be able to run and play. I have called the RSPCA so many times, the vet, the local council and the police, but no one has intervened or helped at all. I fear the dog may die this weekend if nothing is done. She has lost all her happy excitement and her will to live. I have even contemplated trespassing and cutting her loose to run around the yard myself, but he would just tie her up again. And I have nowhere to keep a dog myself unfortunately or I would happily break the law. I am really stressing out about this and feeling quite desperate now. i will try to talk to the man tomorrow but he looks like a rough brute of a man and certainly has no charity in his heart to treat such a lovely animal this way so I don't expect a good outcome.

    So I turn to the kind people here - could you send some love and light to this dog's caretaker to melt his cold heart? I don't know the dog's name or the man's name, but perhaps spirit will guide your energy to where it is needed? Thank you!

  • You don't have animal control or humane society in your area? What you describe is illegal here. Maybe a picture for the newspaper? I know what I would do. You are psychic.

  • @thecaptain Omg!! How can Human beings be so cruel? Poor doggo. Do you have any information about it's real owners returning? Do you have their contact numbers? If Police and RSPCA not helping can you contact HOPE FOR PAWS?

  • This post is deleted!

  • Jayann, I don't believe in sending negative energy to anyone - I think that will only make the situation worse. I am asking people to send love and compassion into this man's heart. Ask your guides and angels to direct your good thoughts to him.

    Blmoon, unfortunately the Humane Society doesn't have a branch in our town but I will still call on them anyway to see if they can help. Nor do we have HOPE FOR PAWS here in Australia, Anon-Undertaker.

    I am worried now that the dog may have been without anything to eat or drink for two days so I am going to climb the fence today to take it food and water (and perhaps undo/cut the leash). I must keep her alive at least over the weekend, so maybe on Monday somebody will help. The local council has just emailed me that they cannot act on cases of animal cruelty.

  • @thecaptain
    Wait until you know he is gone and do what you got to do. Unfortunately, you see it so now it is your responsibility. And NO, sending bad energy is never an option. I'm sending you prayers and take saint Michael with you! Take the dog for a ride long ways away and after feeding him and water leave him in a very nice neighborhood if you have to or drop him off at a nice vet in another town and say it's a stray and you noticed it wandering for a few days. Pray for guidance. Letting it loose at least gives it a chance. It will die otherwise.

  • Update: I rang a different RSPCA number this morning and this one was staffed by real, sympathetic people rather than just being a call centre. They asked me way more questions about the situation and generally seemed very concerned. I checked on the dog this morning and, whether the RSPCA inspector had been or it was just the one day a week 'just-to-keep it alive' period of grace the poor thing gets to run free, the dog was running happily around the yard. She wasn't quite the same old joyous animal that she had been though and she was filthy. But I have a terrible feeling it will be back to the leash tomorrow!

    What sort of a person lets the dog run free only once a week and severely confines it the rest of the time?

  • @thecaptain

    That poor beautiful little soul! 💕💕💕prayers for the pup and her true owner!

  • @thecaptain Praying for the true owner's speedy return!

  • Prayers seem to be working! The lucky girl has been free in the yard all weekend now. She is so darn happy.

  • Sigh, she's tied up again. I think this man who is supposed to be taking care of her doesn't live there which may be why the RSPCA inspector cannot catch up with him. And I think he ties the poor dog up because she digs holes or pulls some clothes off the washing line. She doesn't have anything else - no toys - to occupy her energetic self.

  • Victory!!!! The dog is free in the yard for good. When I checked on her this afternoon, she was running around with a big anti-barking collar on but at least she was not tied up. Perhaps the inspector came through at last after I 'outed' the RSPCA on Facebook. Now I know why the man tied her up because of her barking, though she wasn't very noisy compared to some dogs. The silly thing is that being tied up didn't stop her barking, it just made her bark more for help and attention.

    I do believe people should have to undergo - and pass with flying colours - a strict training course before they can have either a pet or a child.

  • Many thanks to all who sent prayers and good vibes!!!!

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