My tarot reading experience

  • I had my eyes shut when I picked all my cards and the reading was like it was in my skin and knew me. This is the first time ever that I've had a tarot reading that chaos was not a part of the reading. I feel now I'm going in the right direction with my baby ! The reading was for me, answered all my questions, pinned me down like a scientist studying the butterfly!

    You can draw the cards using this method here:

    Could you give me your opinion about that method?


  • @amombiflorence
    This is computer generated reading and the meanings are well written overall ..

    It really is no substitute for a Reading that is personalized by a Tarot Reader but can be used as Guidelines for What has been, What is and What may be? If taken with discernment ..... I felt the Reading was very general in regards to love ..... and did not agree totally with the interpretations ... as it did not resonate with me ...

  • @amombiflorence
    I know this is irrelevant but "Tarot Squirrel?" That's funny!

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