Help! Touched in the head?

  • I am recently experiencing a sensation at the top of my head as though something is running through my hair. I can almost feel its physical weight, yet there is nothing there. I just started reading John Holland's Power of the Soul and experienced this sensation during the breathing exercise. Has anyone else experienced something similar and/or know what this possibly means? Kind of freaks me out a bit!

  • I think this is just your crown chakra opening up.

  • When I had been opened in subud ( a couple of years, I used to get this sensation whenever I was lying still and doing nothing (and thinking nothing) It felt as if someone was touching my body on different places (not only the head, but the head aswell). What it felt like, was as if it was light that touched me. Yes, Light. So I was cleansed in my body on different places by a light-creature touching me. That was what it felt like. So you just trust the process, remember to trust God Allmighty and then dont worry about what happens. Ask The Allmighty to be there with you, then you must trust that whatever happens is from The Highest Source of healing. As long as you trust the source, then trust the process, too.

  • it was during yoga when I met my spirit guide. breathing exercise is a part of the whole exercise, in fact it is the major part. breathing in and out the right way is a good start for you achieve balance and get in tune to your psyche. it's possible that you are in tune with your psyche now and it shows you something you have never felt before. whatever it is, has always been around you, but only now that you are able to feel it. when in doubt, ask your psyche a question. if you are in tune with it now, you will hear the answer. freak out for the first time is normal, but don't let fear rule you to the point you are afraid doing exercise again, because then it will be harder to achieve the same level of psychic awareness you had achieved.

    my experience with yoga is that I was called back to my spirit guide, who was my guide in my past life. I was physically in the room, and still doing yoga while my psyche travelled to a different time and place to meet my spirit guide. as soon as I met her, I returned to the room. and then she was there with me. I continued yoga, although I was distracted by her presence a bit. so it was about an hr or so then she left. I already finished yoga and was having my breakfast when she left. I was afraid at first, I didn't recognize her. It's been so long, well in my past life pretty much in the time before modern civilization. she was my spirit guide at the time already, but I had done something that made me stray off spiritual path and abandoned her guidance. but in this life time I turned to spiritual path for answers and had been asking the universe for spirit guide. so finally my past spirit guide returns 🙂

    but even if I was afraid I didn't tell he to leave. Instead whenever our eyes met, I tried to memorize it, I thought she was some ancient spirit trying to make a connection. so the next day I did yoga again and I saw her again. this time I remember the path I took to her. I knew I had been there before and then I knew who she is. my mentor confirmed it to me, and she told me my guide's name. I call on her every time I am in need of guidance. There is no way I neglect her this time, I feel greatful she even bothered helping me again after so many millenias. it's not like she has nothing to do in the spirit world, right?

    I also started receiving a lot of visions now that I am doing intensive yoga and zen. before, I only had this and that premonitive dreams and maybe nightmares. If you are religious you can probably associate that with angel's or divine touch. I'm not, but this is just to help you relate to it. Guides, can either be angels, living being that mentors you, spirit guide from spirit world or totem/power animals. they can take any form, including deceased loved ones. they might be chosen by the universe (or if you are religious, God) or they volunteer. any work based on love, the universe won't refuse their request to help you. they can also leave, because they have taught you what you need to know, or you neglect their guidance but when you are ready they might come back, like in my case.

    don't be afraid. keep doing your exercise and get more in tune to your psyche. when the time is right, your answer will come.

  • leoscorpion,

    your post intrigued me very much. I'm pretty new to alot things here. I'm familiar with tarot and try to meditate everyday. I understand the importance of breathing, Ive read a few books that say the "right" way to breathe is eyes half closed, tongue touching the palette with mouth closed and in through the nose, out through the nose. Is this how you have been told?

    Also, I am wondering if I have a spirit guide and if so how do I know? I have felt a very strong URGE, DESIRE, NEED as of late to become in touch with my spiritual side and have read some books but am not sure where/how to start. I feel like I need a mentor or spirit guide. How do I go about this? I meditate and ask for guidance on my journey. Should I ask for a spirit guide to assist me? Suggestions for good books? ANY help is so appreciated.

    If you or anyone else would mind taking the time to explain some things to me I would very much appreciate it. Also, I'm very serious about this so I don't want anyone to feel that any time or input they give me will be for nought. Thank you.



  • hi marissa. living a spiritual life is a serious path. for this is where we actually live. the physical plane is only a form we take on as we live on earth. our spirits can take on any form on any place we live on. so putting too much importance on what is physical has to be avoided. we still need to nurture and nourish our body, only because in order to live life fully, we have to achieve balance between both physics and psyche. the universe wants us to learn how to nurture our physical, because if we can nurture and nourish what is temporary then we can do the same to what is permanent, which is our own spirits.

    I do not read many books, how ever I do read many short articles. Most of them are online. All my life, there are only two short articles that made me buy the books from the same authors. One is Sylvia Browne's. The other author I have chosen to follow her spiritual path and I do not wish to mention her name here for personal reason. There are many paths to achieve spiritual awakening, you will find yours just like I have found mine. I am here to share what I know and my experience, I do not wish to alter anyone's opinion or recruit them to join me in my path. Therefore the books that speak about the path I chose, I will not mention them. I feel that you will find yours soon enough. I only have one book of Sylvia's it's a fun to read, that's all. It's To the Other Side and back. Old edition, not sure if there is a new one.

    I can however, share you a few websites that are a good start. For balance and tuning in to my psyche, I go with yoga and zen meditation. There are many types of yoga and meditation to achieve psychic awareness. But the ones that I go with are designed specifically for that purpose only. I go with I don't know him personally but for every single silly question I ask he always answers. About breathing right, you are half right. means you can do exactly like that, or you can go with what you feel comfortable with, so exhale through mouth is acceptable. what is important is the essence of breathing, if any of the details are hard to follow, you are not to force it since it won't do you any good, in fact you can end up hurting your own organs and muscles in the long run and you will be weakened somehow. you will find this true in any yoga and meditation exercises and poses. I also close my eyes completely, because I don't seem able to half close it. so might as well.

    One person that I know is not a scam, owns the website read the 2 websites through and listen to what your heart says. the psyche speaks through the heart. so if your heart 'nods' then you know you can apply their teachings for your own development. I also do not wish to mention my mentor and spirit guide's names, you will find yours when the time comes. All you have to do is keep exercising and keep asking the universe. like I mentioned at the above post, everyone has a guide, maybe more than one even. usually they are already around you, but you can not see them because your psyche are not yet 'awaken'. or it is possible they have left because you have never talked to them, simply because you don't know they exist. think of them as a friend. if you don't talk to your friend or even recognize they exist, they will no longer be there for you. they will show themselves to you when they feel you are ready. you might have seen spirits and visions, but when your guide appears, you will know that they are not regular spirits and visions. they will make sure you know, but they can only do this, if your psyche is ready. think about is someone knocks on the door. if you don't hear the knock, you won't answer the door. this is why your psyche has to be awakened, in order for it to be fully aware of the 'knocking sound' and not miss it. if the door is not answered, the guide will think you are 'not in' so they will leave and try again later. the thing is 'the universe timing is not linear like ours. "later' can be a year or 10 years. so it is important to be aware, since if you miss one knock, it might take a life time for it to come back.

    One more thing. Having a spirit guide, mentor, etc does not mean your life problems are lessened. The universe will keep throwing balls at you, like in football practice, and only when you catch them and throw them back, that it knows you have learned. a guide is there to help you go through it. they also do not answer every single question you ask. they only answer if they feel the answer will help you understand or will help others. you also have to ask the right question, this is also a lesson that we all have to learn, only the right question will give you the answer you need. for example there was a period in my life where I focused on money and I noticed that I wasn't happy no matter how much I earned. I quit my last job 3 years ago and I asked the universe (I hadn't met my guide at the time so I did it through my mentor) what actually happened. the answer was,' you asked for money and we gave you that.' I asked why all the backstabbing and office politics I went through at work happened, was it my fault, because I didn't feel like doing anything wrong. the answer was, 'you asked for money and we gave you that. everything that happened to you in the path that you chose, was yours to solve'

    I hope this is clear enough that you see what I mean. I will stop here for now and wish you the best. what you do after reading what I am sharing, is your decision. anything unclear, just give me a shout here. remember that the universe is not cold and heartless. it may have thrown you too many balls at the time you were all bruised. but it won't block your attempt to seek for help, because seeking help is already a sign that you want to learn. there is only abundance in the universe, ask and it will send you the answer. namaste.

  • thank you very much leoscorpion. I appreciate all the insight you gave me. I feel that I'm ready to embark on a spiritual path I'm not just not sure if I'm going about it the right way. I will continue to ask the universe for guidance and meditate and ask for guidance in my journey.

    So, you suggest that I talk to my spirit guide and see if she/he is still around? If I'm not getting a response or seeing them there, I can ask the universe? If I'm not ready for my guide to come to me how will I know when I am ready? As I become more intune with my psyche? I mentioned a mentor because I have so much to learn and have many questions. I'm thinking a mentor could help me but this forum is a great start for me! I've been practicing "listening" to my intuition more closely and observing things a bit closer too. Looking for signs or symbols. I also feel the need for silence and to just sit and be still. No thinking, just listening (to what I'm not sure but the silence makes me happy). i'll check out the websites and the book you mentioned also.

    Thank you so much


  • Hi mara/marissa. the only way you know they are around, is when they show themselves to you. and the only way for them to do this, is when they see you are ready. the only way for you to show that you are ready, is spiritual awareness or awakening as some people call it.

    you might think you are awakened now, but to them you are not. so all you can do is keep exercising to achieve the awareness and ask the universe for guidance. you can try ask your guide to show themselves to you, but like I said, they can choose not to, if they think you are not ready. simply said, you don't tell them 'knock on the door now, because I am here and I can answer' it is their decision when to knock, not yours. even after your guide shows themselves to you, how and when they communicate with you, is also their choice.

    to each person it's different, but it's safe to say that you will know when you are ready. how, it's your psyche that knows the answer. it could be anything from seeing more spirits than usual, to looking at a mirror and you see another person, not yourself, because the psyche is showing you how your spirit looks like - which can be very different than your physical form. unfortunately there is no way to tell you when you are ready, other than what your psyche says. but only when you reach spiritual awareness that your psyche will let you know and then your guide will show themselves. this is why you need to keep exercising.

    having a mentor / guide does help. but do not be discouraged if you have none yet or haven't received any signs. It took me half my age of search to actually find a mentor, and another 3 years of doing the right exercise (apparently i have done the wrong one all those years.. bummer!!) for my guide to show herself to me. I went from religious books to any short article up to online spiritual classes. try browse the websites I gave you and be active attending any spiritual meeting that you can afford or communicate to spiritual leaders or authors that you can reach by e-mail or even in person. in time the universe will recognize your effort, and you might find a mentor or your guide will show themselves to you. someday you will understand what I wrote here.

    don't be discouraged if someday you find out that you are scammed or that you find you are following the wrong teachings. keep searching. you will find what you seek. silence makes you happy, is a good sign. mind chatter only disrupts the message your psyche is trying to send. the essence of meditation is breathing and silence. for only in silence you can hear what the psyche is trying to tell you.

    good luck. I'm going off this thread now. I've shared enough what I know. if you have any more questions, just make a new post. there will be more people can answer you that way. so you can learn more from their experience and expertise.

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