Gemini man advice please.

  • So I met this Gemini man back in October. We met in a night club & he approached me. I’m not the type to give my number out so the next day and weeks to follow i kicked myself for not giving him my number when I asked. I was pretty drunk so didn’t remember the whole night too well.

    January rolled around and I found a text message on my phone from a random number that I had never replied to I replied and it turn out it was the sexy Gemini man.

    We started speak and soon enough we were meeting up for dates, talking and getting to know each other. I started to stay at his flat and spend every Saturday/Sunday with him.

    I’m a cancer I’m 21 while he’s 30. I know it’s a big age difference but it’s about attraction, happiness and just an over all vibe you get the other stuff doesn’t matter.

    I’m not the type to fall in love quickly or to get feelings fast due to passed hurts however I fell for mr Gemini.

    He’s currently fighting a custody battle with his ex girlfriend over their seven year old daughter. He has been apart of her life up until 18 months ago & I can tell how not having her in his life is killing him.

    He recently went ghost on me for a few days until I called him on his bullshit. We had an hours long phone call where he told me the classic line “it’s not you, it’s me!” He told me I’m a distraction, he feels distracted and like he’s present but walking around half empty because of his child’s absents. He has told me how amazing I am, how great my energy is and how I make him happy but he needs to sort his head out and his life etc.

    He never openly said it but the way I understood from what he did say is that he feels guilty for being happy when half of him is missing meaning his child. He told me I can call him when ever I want and we can still be friends! He told me to stop getting upset multiple times on the phone as I was crying because it was in that moment that I realised how deep my feelings went for him which caught me completely off guard. I wouldn’t say it’s love but damn it’s close.

    He makes me happy, the happiest I’ve ever been. I saw a future with him. Sadly.

    He told me he isn’t worth it, me being upset etc and it sort of left on goodish terms even though I am still hurting and hating the world for giving me someone who embodies all the things I’ve ever wanted in a significant other and then taking them away from me.

    My question is do I stick around as his friend and support him when he needs it and hope that once his court case happens in May for his custody of his child that he’s ready for something or do I just walk away and heal?

    Do you think he’s just using that as a excuse and an easy way out? He did tell me he cares but that he’s just confused etc he really struggles to express his emotions and what he’s thinking... must be the twins.

    Do you think he’s just sparing my feelings? Stringing me along? I’ve never dealt with a Gemini man before and he does confuse me but at the same time he also keeps me incredibly happy and I don’t wanna lose what we had so I have currently left the door open for friendship and have left him to have the space he has said he needs.

    Would waiting to see if it’s meant to be, be stupid? Do you think he will resolve his conflicting thoughts and issues and come back?

    Thank you.

  • Sorry but I feel he is telling you in an oblique and cowardly way that he is just not that into you.

  • @cece190
    you are not alone is feeling like this.
    take care of yourself