Can you please do a reading for me? Some sense of direction, some small bit of information that might help restore my faith in humanity, that angels are still around, something, anything. Thanks!

  • HI can someone help

  • Can I have your date of birth, please?

  • @thecaptain 07/16/72..

  • @mary-grace Thank you so much ! 😊

  • @justneedanswers, you came here to this earth to lay claim to an area of expertise and make it your own. Although money and ambition are attractive, your orientation is not necessarily materialistic. Rather, your goal is to develop a talent or skill to a level of mastery. Achieving such a lofty aim may require you to renounce or sacrifice other desires or interests in order to give all your energy to this prime focus. A strange blend of idealist and realist, reserve and extroversion, and the serious and comic, you are able to focus on a goal with savage intensity. Honing a skill to the level of craft requires you embark on a path that can be likened to the ways of the artisan guilds of yore - beginning your education in a specific field, first apprenticing yourself to a master, then graduating to more and more responsibility, and ultimately becoming a master yourself. Once you select an area of study, it will be necessary for you to find a mentor akin to the masters of yore and to learn their skill from them. Searching for, engaging, and interacting with such an individual is an essential basis of your learning mastery. Part of the process over the longer haul is for you to transform your self-image from one of student to one of a mature master. No matter how long it takes, when the time comes for you to go out on your own, you will know it. You will also know precisely how to put your hard-won craft to the best use. Once you have mastered your craft by working humbly with an older and wiser person, negotiated the delicate process of leaving your mentor behind, and hung out your own shingle, so to speak, you will proceed smoothly and successfully to cultivating professional success. Having the native talent to persuade others, you will be good at marketing yourself. However, you will be less interested in using your persuasiveness to manipulate opinion and more in presenting your work or product in the best light, letting its quality speak for itself. The best thing for you is to work on your own. You are able to challenge yourself over and over again and have no need for external stimulation to urge you forward. It is likely that in later years you will yourself become a teacher or mentor, thereby completing a circle by sharing what was given to you early in your life.

    You generally set very high standards, not only for yourself and the quality of your work, but also for other people. Thus, your interpersonal relationships are often fraught with overly high expectations. You do best when attracting others of equal ability with whom you can work on projects together. Although many will place you on a pedestal, rarely will this go to your head, since you have a need to prove yourself again and again in your own eyes and to other people. You will thrive not only on the responsibility of being a role model, but also on demonstrating your ability to give of yourself in a warm-hearted manner. You will always be acutely aware of how you appear to others and will cherish your image highly. The importance of your commitment to the standards of your craft and life is one that you will gradually realize and come to value highly, and it will become the cornerstone of your existence. Probably the hardest thing for you is being thought badly of by others or having accusations of shoddy workmanship or underhanded or immoral methods leveled against you. A social forum for your ideas or work, whether comprised of professional colleagues or just plain friends, is just the ticket for such a work-oriented individual as yourself. In fact, in some cases, it can be a basic requirement for your happiness and fulfillment.

    You do have a rather charming “common touch” that grants you the ability to make others laugh, or at the very least smile, at your characterization of human foibles. It is undeniable that you will rarely surrender your need to focus your all on your work. Thus, you may give up on meeting one single life partner. So much of your energy is shared with colleagues, friends, and followers that the dynamics of such relationships can often satisfy your social and personal needs fully. So, to sum up, your core life lesson is finding your craft or particular talent and studying with a mentor to better it. Your ultimate life goal must be mastering this craft or art to a high level of expertise, and to use your innate gifts of charm, creativity, sensitivity, empathy, nurturing, passion, enterprise, diligence, persistence, drive and persuasion to achieve success and happiness.

    Essentially, what you really want to find is an environment in which to feel safe, protected, cared for, and doted on - a place where you feel you truly belong. To achieve this, you must be willing to let go of the idea that one special person - or group of people - is going to provide it just because you think you need it. Instead, you must take charge of creating what you need for yourself. By pursuing a goal that energises you, or by finding an ideal or set of principles that builds your self-respect, you will develop feelings of belonging in whatever circumstances you find yourself. You need to find a focus beyond your scattered emotional needs and those of people around you. When you bring yourself into alignment with a higher principle or spiritual belief, you’ll feel protected and nurtured. Your Achilles' Heel is emotional dependence. The desire to be taken care of ("If there's no one to take care of me, I won't survive") can lead you into the trap of an unending search for security, where you develop emotional dependencies on others. But you can never get enough reassurance from others to feel safe, so you never gain the security you think you need to be a capable adult and take charge of your life. Run the risk and assume full responsibility for the consequences. Take charge of your own life and security, and create what you need for yourself. Once you take responsibility for yourself and find a goal that's important to you and stand by it, you’ll feel secure and in control of your own destiny.

    For the first thirty-five years of your life, you should have grown in confidence and capability; these are the years when your emotions were most likely to take the lead. After the age of thirty-six, however, you should have experienced a shift toward logic and reason, and adopted a more practical and discriminating attitude, with service to others becoming a more important part of your life. After the age of sixty-six, you will reach another turning point when there will be an emphasis on harmony and balance between the two conflicting sides of your personality. The key to success and happiness for you is to allow neither your rational nor your impulsive side to take the lead. If you can find a way to balance the two, you will find that you have within you the outstanding potential not just to achieve your own dreams but also to bring excitement into the lives of other people.

    Unless you allow self-doubt to stop you, your high standards will make you naturally prone to success, because you do very good work (even though you don’t always feel that way). You tend to offer that extra touch and to work conscientiously toward high standards. You have a deep emotional sensitivity, whether or not you show it, and a mind that focuses and directs a profound intuitive intelligence. You are particularly suited to the arts, where your innovative work can inspire others, but you may also choose to help others by becoming a social or religious campaigner. Other careers you may be drawn to include counseling, social work, or a job that requires speaking up for others, such as through labor unions, politics or the law. Your desire for precision, along with your expressive and intuitive abilities, can shine through in many different occupations, such as teaching, training, organizational work, design, architecture, or illustration. You would make a consummate professional as an actor, dancer or athlete. You could be an excellent, prolific writer – you will excel at anything having to do with communication, feelings and emotion. To succeed however, you need to get a grip on your ideals, stay practical and realistic, and keep positive.

    If you choose to embrace its energy and direction, 2019 can be your BIG year for potential success in all career, study, causes and material matters. This can be your power year, a period when you can make important strides in your life. Coming after a very slow, lonely or introspective period in 2018, you may start feeling some stirrings of ambition. 2019 for you represents a time for moving from the inner world into the outer world. After the deep inner reflection of last year, get ready to manifest what you have been working toward during the last several years. This is a year to focus on money, work, finances, and personal power. You’ll be in work overdrive this year and also be handed opportunities that test your personal power. This year is a mighty period for you, and you’ll need to hit the ground running and focus your actions and energies on creating the financial abundance you want in your life. It’s a year where you can experience big financial ups and downs, so be prepared to tap into your resilience. You can experience major gains and/or big losses. Yet this is your year to think big and manifest the money and status you deserve. Just remember to take breaks so your health doesn’t suffer. Schedule short vacations when you can. Otherwise you’re bound to experience burnout. Be careful to steer clear of a victim mentality this year too. 2019's energy is truly challenging and will bring up very real, deep issues related to your sense of empowerment and demand that you deal with them. This can be a year of big decisions and major achievements. Activity will be your keynote, and you will find yourself very much involved and occupied. You have things going for you so long as you take advantage and act. It should be easier now for you to branch out and expand in a business-like manner. If you are at all inclined, this is the time to exude self-confidence and authority, because others will tend to be receptive to your leadership and control. Your power and status potential will be at a peak. It is a great year for goal setting, job interviews, job-seeking, and career attainment. Because it is a year of potential personal prosperity, you are in a position to manifest whatever it is that you want in life. The year will find you dealing with important people, important decisions, and important methods of operating, rather than being bogged down in petty details. Force, energy, and power are at your command during this year, although you are asked to use it wisely and with the intention of achieving the highest good of all those around you. Set your own direction and participate fully in the process.

    During 2019, you are learning to take what situations or issues you have been working on – particularly during the last few years – and make them stronger. This may mean, for example, that if you have been learning patience, you get to grips with this, which profoundly influences your life in a positive way. You may also find that due to this surge of strength, you are able to face happy or sad situations which would have been too much for you before – for instance, going to the doctor/dentist, getting married/divorced, finding a new job, or moving house. It’s a good time to make peace with and to cut the ties from people and situations from the past that will block up your energy in the future. This may mean you need to mentally, emotionally or physically revisit these situations to pick up any pieces that have been left behind. Perhaps you arrange a school reunion, visit relatives you haven’t spoken to for years (for reasons you may have long forgotten), or reunite with old friends. As a result, relationships may organically fade away or regenerate in a different way. In 2019, you may find you need to relearn how to do things, for example, taking a refresher course in computer studies even though you’ve been using computers for ten years. You really want to feel as though you are on top of your game and in control of your life, and you do not want to be left behind in any area. Gently asserting yourself can give you a feeling of personal power, which can enhance your life. At times you may find that you try to reorganise ‘cupboards’ that don’t need changing, which stirs up situations that are best left to rest. You are learning about responsibility in a big way, so there is little point in delegating matters to others because you will only need to deal with them yourself at a later date. There may be sudden powerful shifts in your mental outlook during this year, which may be a wake-up call for you to take a good long look at your life, particularly your career and finances. You may find that you receive recognition for your work as a result of your conscientious efforts and talents, and you will discover that what you give out to the world really does come back to you in some form or another. It is a great time for cultivating romance; you may be feeling raunchy and out to seduce. Indeed, flattery may get you everywhere at work or home during this cycle, as you’re bursting with life; others may even fight over a chance to spend precious time with you.

    Key words for you this year are: karma, responsibility, strength, business, service, balance and harmony.

    To sum up: you must work through issues of perfectionism, emotional expression (you may feel uncomfortable or inhibited letting your hair down or expressing how you really feel to others for fear of their negative reaction), and self-doubt in order to bring forward your inspiring vision of life's possibilities, while appreciating the innate perfection of the present moment. This world contains both beauty and ugliness, kindness and cruelty. With your high ideals and acute sensitivity and social conscience, you may feel disheartened by the problems and imperfections of the world. Yet you may suppress your sadness and even your anger as you try to 'do the right thing' due to your high standards. Ironically, even with your depth of emotions, you can appear cool and unemotional. But when you displease or upset someone - anyone - you are troubled by it. So you need to take care not to let yourself be manipulated in your desire for approval and your strong social need to be liked and respected. Your visions, hopes, and high ideals are meant to inspire you, not become the yardstick by which you measure the world. You need to appreciate that, in this temporary world of form, no perfect person, system, performance or product exists - you must appreciate and express your vision of the inherent or higher level of perfection/beauty already existing in the world. Your inner expression needs to manifest before your outer expressiveness can bloom. This means communicating with yourself and getting in touch with your own inner feelings, without fixating on the 'best' or most ideal way to be or feel or act. It may take some time for you to accept that real human beings can have emotions and thoughts that are not always positive or 'nice', but that they do make up the whole personality. They can only be dealt with when faced and acknowledged, not ignored. You don't always have to be a 'good or nice' person. Just be real! Getting in touch with and accepting your most authentic feelings, even the 'bad' ones, will open channels to your subconscious wisdom and intuitions and enable you to form and enjoy a more compassionate, honest, accepting and empathic bond with others. Once you don't feel you always have to be performing and behaving at your most perfect and best, you will lose the severe anxiety, tension, nervousness and self-doubt that can grip you sometimes. When you come to know and appreciate yourself as an imperfect - but normal - human being, and to express your true emotions, you will also be able to express your joy for life.

  • @thecaptain Wow! I'm speechless! Which doesn't occur very often. Thank you so much! I will do whatever I can and take your advice to try to make this "my" year. I have taken some of those steps already but I have many more steps to take. It's very excited but also very scary for me to imagine my life going in a different direction but I am looking forward to my journey that in some ways has just began. I really appreciate you taking the time to reply and want to say again....thank you, thank you, thank you!!

  • @thecaptain
    wow a very thorough reading with plenty advice to offer. ty for being so kind.

  • Good luck, JNA!!!! Keep us posted on your progress.

  • @thecaptain I definitely will!! Thanks so much !

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