What is your spiritual gift?

  • Regardless of who we are or where we've come from, we've all been endowed with spiritual gifts. These gifts make us who we are and come to the rescue when we're in trouble! So what's your spiritual gift? Let's find out with this quiz -

    Question 1: do you think of yourself as being spiritual?
    a) I don't believe in any of that stuff.
    b) I think I'm really spiritual
    c) I'm a little bit spiritual, but I do have my doubtful moments

    Question 2: what do you do when you're stressed out?
    a) go for a long run or walk
    b) talk to loved ones or eat
    c) write in a journal

    Question 3: what happens to you more frequently -
    a) feeling like you were born in the wrong time period
    b) hitting it off with a complete stranger
    c) thinking of someone and then they call

    Question 4: which relative are you closest to?
    a) sibling
    b) grandparent
    c) parent

    Question 5: which of the following do you most closely identify with?
    a) fighting for a cause
    b) pursuing knowledge
    c) helping and protecting others

    Question 6: you would have a most fulfilling experience ...
    a) fighting for something you believe in
    b) encouraging someone who was hurting
    c) overcoming a challenge

    Question 7: what is your personality like?
    a) mystical and mysterious
    b) a natural born leader
    c) nurturing and loving

    Question 8: if you had to be an animal, which would you choose?
    a) lion
    b) dove
    c) dolphin

    Question 9: do you get flashes of intuition or gut feelings?
    a) a little bit
    b) all the time
    c) no, I don't think so

    Question 10: your friends, family and other loved ones might describe you as -
    a) ambitious
    b) sweet
    c) wise


    Question 1 -
    a) 1
    b) 3
    c) 2

    Question 2:
    a) 1
    b) 2
    c) 3

    Question 3:
    a) 2
    b) 1
    c) 3

    Question 4:
    a) 1
    b) 3
    c) 2

    Question 5:
    a) 1
    b) 3
    c) 2

    Question 6:
    a) 1
    b) 2
    c) 3

    Question 7:
    a) 3
    b) 1
    c) 2

    Question 8:
    a) 1
    b) 2
    c) 3

    Question 9:
    a) 2
    b) 3
    c) 1

    Question 10:
    a) 1
    b) 2
    c) 3

    Now add up your points to see what your spiritual gift is!

    10 - 14 points: your spiritual gift is the gift of strength. Perseverance is your middle name. There's literally nothing that you cannot overcome. No matter how many challenges you face or how many people may try to tear you down, you're a champion at heart and you'll settle for nothing less than the gold medal in life. You're a true fighter, despite the fact that things haven't been easy for you. Your passion for life and your faith in yourself is uncompromising. Keep it up because we all need a hero!

    15 - 20 points: you have the spiritual gift of compassion. Your heart is wide open and flowing with love and kindness. You're a true empath and there isn't a movie, book, play or painting that doesn't pull at your heart strings. You're deeply concerned about those around you and there's nothing harder for you than seeing a loved one in pain. Your own personal struggles have only made you kinder and more loving. It's people like you that the world most desperately needs!

    21 - 25 points: you have the spiritual gift of wisdom. You are an old soul and may feel a bit out of place with people your own age. Let's face it - you're just on a higher level than the rest of us. You've learned all the lessons before and this time you are here to share your deepest insights with us. Your gift is like a lighthouse on a dark and stormy night. Use your gift to enlighten those around you, because we all know how much we need it!

    26 - 30 points" your spiritual gift is that of being a dreamer. Dreamers can receive messages and insights from the universe in their dreams. When you fall asleep, your dreams act as a conduit between the spirit world and the real world. You know to never interpret your dreams literally, because they contain some hidden meaning or symbolism. You may often find yourself saying "I just had a dream about you!" to friends and loved ones. Your dreams are a channel for you to learn the deepest truths about this life. Use your gift wisely and help all humanity out in the process.

  • That was a cute one, Wisdom...who would have thought...hahaha

  • @tarotnick
    Me too! Wisdom. I wasn't so sure about this one. Some of the answers where not definite. I on a few could say all three depending on the day or circumstance. But then I remembered that these are part guided messages so the point is just to pick one in the moment. Like reading cards. Don't think too much.

  • Me three wisdom!

  • This post is deleted!

  • 16 compassion

  • i ama dreamer 👏

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