I need help with inturping the following cards

  • Thank you for looking and helping with the problem.

    The question was - This year I have had nasty surprise after nasty surprise now I want and need to have some fun, enjoyment and activities which make positive memories. How and what do I have to do to feel included in life and loved? Will there be people who inspire me to reengage with life and love?

    5 card spread
    IV of Cups
    The High Priestess
    The Hierophant
    Five of Pentacles
    X of Cups

    I have no idea what is being said and am getting more and more confused.

  • @mary-grace

    Hi, Here are some thoughts for your reflection ...

    5 card spread
    IV of Cups- dissatisfaction with life in general
    The High Priestess- trust in the Ancient knowledge that lies within ...
    The Hierophant--- having faith, believe in self, learning new aspects...
    Five of Pentacles-- over coming challenge, being led or leading others ..
    X of Cups-- everything coming together, family , happiness ...

    So overall it is about you believing and trusting in self as you discover things about self .... being in control of where you are being led to in life and everything seems more happy in life overall .... ...
    This is about the choices and decisions you make in how you choose to react to what is happening ....

    Hope that makes sense, without seeing the deck and seeing if the imagery holds any clues .... it can be difficult to see the whole message being shared ...

  • If I might add... I think it's significant that both the High Priestess and Hierophant appear, next to each other in fact. To me that would indicate both inner and outer (organized) spirituality are involved. That doesn't necessarily mean a church social (not sure what your leanings are in this regard)... but it might indicate that some sort of organized spiritual or special knowledge-seeking community is involved. And definitely the Ten of Cups as the last card is a very positive sign that you will achieve the emotional goal that you're seeking.

  • The hierophant for me sometimes means learning or seeking knowledge or guidance from a third party. Is there some interest you've always wanted to pursue? Perhaps finding a path to knowledge on something you've always wanted to do

  • @mary-grace Hi Mary, I am very new to this forum but am an experienced tarot reader otherwise...so let me try to help you on this. What I get from the cards that turned up for you on your query of re-engagement with life and love again...I do get a YES based on the last card - the 10 of cups, PROVIDED you do the works yourself. I do not have your DOB along with the question, that would have helped...but I sense from the cards that appeared that its YOU that has been more withdrawn and less social - and it's not as if that is your fault. I somehow sense you have been oversensitive to others - especially others' negativity and like you got back far less compared to what you gave or put into your relationships. This is especially so in the last 3 or 3.5 years or so. You have been undergoing an inner change...so to speak and you prefer a few and genuine relationships with substance and character rather than seemingly fun and frothy relationships. It's like you have been going through some rites of passage lately - and that is showing in your choice of relationships too. You have become more focused and serious as well and so that means that some of your past friendships and relationships will die a natural death...and you might have to moved on. I feel like more than some people took advantage of your helping nature...and you did lose your peace or health or smooth functioning in your personal life and maybe your work life too because of such energy vampires. The lesson for you to learn is not to compare yourself or your life currently with others around you - no matter how happening they all seem to be...or happy they appear. This sense of aloneness was needed for you to know your true self and your true preferences....though at times, life felt very lonely. The message here for you is not to look for help in the wrong places and also perhaps not to be too curious about the future for now. I see that if you forgave - both yourself and the others who possibly took advantage of you or did not reciprocate your affections, you will clear the path ahead and find true love...I feel confident about this from your last card, the 10 of cups. Do not miss out on any family gatherings or gatherings of close friends - especially not if such gatherings happen outdoors or under the sky. I feel like you will find the love of your life in one such happy group event. So selectively go out and mingle with the people you stood by you, who have loved you more than judged you, people who make you feel comfortable and valued...Mix and mingle with such people for now. Take it slow but do take a few steps. I see that the outcome will be rather very nice for you....

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  • Thank you everyone who replied to my cry for help. I have a better understanding of the reading and it explain how I am feeling at the moment in time. Love and work went out the door when I was diagnosed with a medical condition. Since then I have worked to construct my life in line with me getting older and my health getting worse. I have lost "friends" and possessions and suddenly last year found myself very lonely. This year things have gotten worse with everything being a struggle. So TY everyone for your help with the reading. take care.

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