Mood Test: Which table would you NOT feel like sitting at?

  • This test reveals your wishes and weaknesses. You do not need to pick something you like or want. This task is all about your reluctance to do something.

    Imagine you are in a crowded cafe with only four tables. There are people sitting around them all, but each one has an empty chair. Pick the one you would NOT feel like sitting down at right now. Don't think too much and follow your intuition. Once you have made your choice, read what it says about your personality.

    Table number one: three women sit around this table chatting and gossiping amicably, maybe a bit loudly.

    Table number two: two men wearing business suits and with briefcases at their feet sit discussing serious matters.

    Table number three: a harassed-looking woman sits at the table with an energetic and talkative young child.

    Table number four: a young man and woman hold hands and look into each other's eyes.

    Table number one reading: what you need right now the most is to be left alone. You don't want to be surrounded by other people. Maybe someone hurt you in the past or you are just tired and need to be left alone for a while. But don't stay alone with your feelings. Talk to your friends - or your offender - and tell them how you feel.

    Table number two reading: you are a true perfectionist and usually too hard on yourself. But living with stress will not help you at all. You need to rest more and take care of yourself. Stop worrying so much and take a break for a few days. Meeting with friends or taking some time out at a spa/health resort would be a good idea for a getaway.

    Table number three reading: you may be feeling disappointment for some reason. Depressed and disoriented, nothing seems to bring you joy. But everything is not as bad as you think right now. Go do some things you have always wanted to do, but had no time for - a walk in the park, go to the movies, get your hair done, or meet an old friend for coffee. Once you are well rested, you will see the bright side of your life again.

    Table number four reading: your main problem is lack of self-confidence. You believe that other people are more successful, popular or good-looking than you are. Stop comparing yourself to others - you are unique and wonderful and talented and attractive in your own right. Both your strengths and your weaknesses make you special. And if there is anything in your life you would like to change, YOU are the one with the power to do that.

  • I think I would find another cafe. 🙂

  • HAHAHA! I said the same thing captain! Funny. In real life I'd sit were ever Spirit commanded or not. But I get the psychology of the game we are playing. So yes I listened to heads up about not to over think this one and picked table TWO with the two honchos talking business. The results were pretty accurate and the advice? I am doing just that.

  • I think I over thought this one... Firstly I wouldn't have sat down and bugged people that I didn't know. Then looking at each table I wouldn't have picked #4 because I wouldn't have intruded in young love. I didn't see not having confidence coming...

  • I wonder what not sitting down at all means? Perhaps I need to change my deodorant?

  • I would have sat with the woman and the child because they would have been in there own world and ignore me...
    Funny but true, this weekend everyone shows up for church, standing room only. People left early, my one daughter sat down and me and my other daughter stood in the same spot. So not just busy tables...

  • Interesting! I really didn't consider a problem with talking to anyone. I only chose the business men as a no because people doing a business meeting are not wanting to be interrupted. I find most strangers just hanging are open to conversation. I probably would have made a joke to the kissy face young ones. Like don't mind me, I just need a seat. And if they were friendly I'd say you know you can rent a room right?

  • number 1 because women can be unkind.

  • It's interesting that a few people are considering it from the point of view of the people at the tables and not from their own feelings. Would that mean you don't consider how you feel enough in a situation?

    Myself, I get very impatient with unruly children so I would avoid table 3.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @thecaptain I chose not to sit at table one because I don’t like gossipy people. And I have had ENOUGH of that crap over the last decade. It’s too negative. I only want positive!

  • @thecaptain
    I would not feel like sitting at table number one. If there was a question about which one I would sit at, it would most definitely be number two. Whatever that means.

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