Cris1962...please help me.x

  • Cris, I'm sorry...i know you get asked so much to do readings and i don't wanna pressure you, but i'm hurting so badly.

    The things you said yesterday really stopped me in my tracks. I had never been on this site before, i never imagined there would really be somebody out there who could help me, but you did.

    Please, please if you could do me a reading or just tell me something, anything that i need to know i would be so greatful. I just feel like i can't go on anymore. My head hurts, i'm tired of feeling so empty and so lost. I just need closure, i need the truth.

    I haven't contacted my ex, i'm far too proud for that, and scared that if i did that i would look silly.

    I'm tired of everyone telling me he has gone back to his ex, i never believed that...until too many people give their uneducated opinions (my friends that didn't even know him) and now my head is tortured with images of him, wondering where he is, what he is feeling, what he is thinking, who he is with, is he happy, does he miss me, did he care for's driving me crazy.

    I'm sorry cos i know you get asked so much.......but if you have anything, anything at all you acn tell me i would be so greatful.

    I'm not a naieve girl, i didn't just fall for this man without knowing him. I'm 29 years old..i have been hurt before, i have hurt people before. For me this was the real thing, i believed himt o be the one....which is why my pain is so bad.

    Please help me, or tell me anything...good or bad, whatever you see or pick up.xx

  • The situation has slightly altered now, with him wanting me back. I updated on my other post about feeling so empty.

    If you could help me in anyway see more clearly i would dearly appreciate it.x

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