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  • Hi all! I did a “ Connecting with your spirit guides” spread & I need a little help with the interpretation. Card 1: issue guides are helping with. Card 2: What your guides want you to know. Card 3: How you can connect to your spirit guides .
    Here are the cards I pulled:
    King of Wands
    Knight of Wands
    The Empress
    Thank you so much !! ❤

  • I have card meaning knowledge but mostly pick up psychically. First impression was wow...what's the question again? I felt a bit confused with this power spread why would you be at all confused. UNLESS your real question or doubts are not expressed clearly in your question. Often confusing spreads are related to the question asked and it being the right question. I know that sounds confusing but often the answers we seek are not always in line with the message Spirit has for you. Also, I use Spirit in a generic way but it can be a guide an Angel or whatever higher energy you are calling upon for guidance. This is a very positive empowering spread from my prospective. The kind that would be usual for someone pretty capable and far along in their progress. If you are on the cusp of any new project or business this is a with blessings message. So, psychically I'm wondering why you are having any doubts? This spread says to me you are indeed connected to higher guidance, your current efforts are supported and you are where you should be and your self empowerment meter is registering top notch. Leadership skills are ready. Trust yourself. BLESSINGS!

  • @blmoon hi!! Thank you for replying 🙂 The first two cards I understood pretty well but the empress one did confuse me a bit. My first thought was to get more in touch with Mother Nature and it sounded funny to me but the more I thought about it, that’s exactly what I’ve been trying to do for myself , be more in touch myself as a person. Lately I’ve been feeling myself being called to metaphysical beliefs, Ive lacked confidence in myself but have been learning to trust my instincts more and more and after I did the reading, I did feel a warmth like I was being told im going in the right direction 🙂

  • your message was rather confusing to me in how you were talking at first ....but your ANSWER to her reading was WOW ....that was awesome and direct. Way to go! I would be interested in how sandysand felt about its accuracy and how things are happening on her end. that means i'd like to hear some feedback !!!!

  • @badgerwoman
    love it

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