Question: How do you implement self love?

  • Can everyone please share how you individually implement SELF LOVE when you life is in chaos?

    Also what is your definition of self love?

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    Self love is doing things for your self you would do for others you love. This could be a long post if I covered all aspects so just going to mention some and see what others can add. Forgiveness is a good start. Letting go of regrets and past decisions we may use to stay stuck by going over and over our regrets or imagined failings. Even dwelling on hurts by others is not loving. Why choose to relive pain? It's not self loving. Also, always putting yourself last is not loving or earning brownie points from Heaven. Feeling guilty about saying no to others needs over your own is not loving. Actually, it's kind of narcissistic to think WE are the only helpers on earth God depends on. Sometimes we say no and another steps in.. I buy myself flowers sometimes. Check out your shoes, are they worn out dogs? How about your underwear and nightie drawer. Are they worn and holey? It's loving to clean your kitchen and bathroom. Try and mostly eat healthy. Enjoy treats but loving your body means nourishing it. Keeping a gratitude checklist everyday is VERY self loving because of the abundance it attracts and the energy it creates is very chaos resistant. BUT it is work. I think my most challenging self love is the retreat, the rest, the lull of taking a break. Listening to when you need to nap or just do nothing. Definition of love is the real power of love is not a thought or empty words. Love is a VERB. an action.

  • This is such a great question! I can't wait to read the responses..
    For me, the concept of self-love is still so relatively new. But right now I'd say my life is in a flow of major changes and chaos is most definitely the theme. I've been practicing A LOT of mindfulness.. like meditation, walking in nature, making sure I'm getting enough rest and eating healthy. I'm realizing more and more that self-love is the foundation to everything, because the level that we know and meet our own needs is the level we meet and can be helpful to everyone else in our lives.
    As a survivor from both childhood abuse and also a devastating domestic relationship as an adult it was never a huge part of my life to take care of me. I'm just now starting to realize how a person can go an entire lifetime without ever knowing who they truly are. Not only does our childhood mold us, but the daily distractions in society can easily sway anyone away from taking time to center and enjoy the little things.
    I try to take at least an hour a day to either read, journal, meditate, exercise, stretch, go out into nature without any electronics, take a bath, writing a gratitude list, practice breathing exercises (who knew that breathing a certain way could make you more clear minded, less stressed, have a healthier metabolism or even sleep better? I sure didn't, but there's a tone of scientific evidence to back it up). I'm still slowly adding to my list of things, but mostly for me, it's shrinking the inner critic. The negative thoughts that creep into my subconscious mind can be devastating, worst part about it being that they are not even my own thoughts! Mornings are the toughest part of the day for me. I've found that getting up earlier and having a routine to set my intention for the day has been most helpful.
    Again, I love this topic. I look forward to seeing what others use to implement their self-love and what it means to them. Namaste

  • Think of how you would treat a lover - then apply that treatment to yourself!

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    Self love can come in many forms ... there is a great book 'Yesterday I cried" by Iyanla Vanzant and for her it was allowing herself to move through her acknowledgement of how her past was and allowing herself to move through this process...

    self-love can come from reading a book, spending quiet time, being with friends, having a massage, a soak in the bath, a makeover, going for a walk... (Doing what ever gives you pleasure in the long time...)

    Self love comes from creating Boundaries for self.. Saying NO! There are times when saying NO! is of value to Self-love ....
    Self-love can come from choosing who you share your time with...Who do you allow to come into your life.?

    Self-love may come from choosing activities that awaken your inner passion ...

    Self-love comes from releasing guilt, forgiving self for past actions and past choices...

    These are some thoughts ...

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