What do you need to know ... today?

  • Think of your question, meditate a little on it and ask for an answer, and then choose the animal you feel most drawn to -

    The Stag

    The Hawk

    The Ram


    If you chose the Stag: the solutions you are seeking are woven within your own experiences. Look past the suffering; the bad luck, and the injustices you have experienced. You have gained much learning from all you have been through. Your experiences have brought you to a place of higher understanding. You are becoming wiser and stronger with each situation you have navigated through. Take time to go within to find the answers you are seeking. You have the ability to access sage wisdom within yourself - you have all the answers inside you.. And don't forget to be grateful for the good things that have come your way!

    If you chose the Hawk: in order for things to shift for you, you must make room for the new to come in. You must release what doesn't serve you anymore. The new may be a belief system, a new process, a new way of living such as a better eating and exercising plan, etc. It may be a number of different things and it all relates to the change you want to make in your life. You most likely know deep down what is no longer useful or relevant to you, and it is up to you to create the changes you desire. The sooner you allow what doesn't serve you to move out and on, the sooner the positive desired shifts will flow in. Make small changes first if bigger ones are too intimidating. Initiating any type of change will allow you to become better used to it.

    If you chose the Ram: there is no doubt you have been under tremendous stress lately. You have been doing an amazing job of keeping it together and now it is time to take a bit of a breather. Take a day or two off, meditate, journal and/or give yourself time to contemplate both past and recent events. Have some fun and forget your cares for a while. Then regroup your thoughts once you have found the perspective of distance. Your experiences, whether you know it or not, have brought you more clarity due to overcoming challenges. There is one last hurdle to overcome which is why it is so important to allow yourself time to reset your energy, thoughts and emotions. You've got this!

  • This one is spot on. Go HAWK! I'm definitely on the tail end of this journey. Nothing like big CHANGES. YEP letting go left and right. A real house cleaning on all levels. Making the outside look like the changes within etc. Right on! Good one captain.

  • Me - the Hawk is so true!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Looks like we all need to change our ways or what we hang on to ...

  • I decided to ask about pass love and was drawn to the stag

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