Are you are the wrong path?

  • 12 Warning Signs You Send Yourself When ​You Are On The Wrong Path In Life

    There comes a time (maybe several times) in each of our lives when we start questioning if we are actually on the path we were supposed to be on ... a time when we think that maybe our choices and decisions were not quite right and that we may need to change our lives a bit to get back on track. Our subconscious minds in fact provide us with enough subtle signs to decide if we should continue along the path or ditch it completely.

    Here are 12 strong signs which reveal that you may need to change your life, maybe quite drastically too.

    The simplest sign of a wrong life choice is the gradual decline in the pursuit of what you chose.
    You may have started a new career or may have initiated a new relationship with the utmost zeal and confidence but, as time passes, you realized that your interest has faded away and that the satisfaction you thought you might find isn’t coming along your way. Eventually, you may end up rejecting your choice and may even start feeling repulsed by it. Pay attention to your feelings and they’ll reveal when it’s time to let go and move on.

    When you are on the wrong path, your life will start signaling for a change. You start feeling that something’s not right and that something might be missing. You will, perhaps unconsciously, start looking for a change.
    You may feel that the environment is not right or that the work is not right, and things like that. The uncomfortable feeling will start seeping in and you may feel it grow in you. Do not ignore it - a thirst for change needs to be quenched and you may have to do it sooner than later.

    A wrong choice or your moving in the wrong direction will start showing through your stress levels. You may find yourself stressed out but unable to explain why. You may feel that there’s excess burden on you but you won’t be sure why. Things will appear normal and yet you feel a level of discomfort. Pay heed to the factors that trigger this build up and you may find that change is needed.

    It goes without saying that with the build-up of stress and the nagging feeling of change will make you irritable. You may start feeling more annoyed (than usual) and even the smallest things may get on your nerves. Your frustrations level may mount and you’ll feel obstructed at every step. It is just your subconscious mind's way of saying that you need to change paths now.

    If you have started out on the wrong path and begin to feel the above signs overwhelming you, you might start looking for new opportunities without even realizing. You might start spotting things that would seem much better than what you are doing now. and you could feel attracted towards the newer ones. If this happens, make sure you understand the reasons behind it.

    Given the overwhelming feeling of ‘something’s not right,’ your body can start reacting in the same way.
    You may start getting mild headaches which get more severe with time, you may have shoulder and back pains due to the stress involved, you may start feeling anxious more often, etc. Your body and your mind therefore, are revealing that you need to start looking at your life and situation differently.

    When you realize that you are not comfortable or you are not confident about your decisions etc, you may start feeling less wanted and less useful. You could feel, without anyone telling you, that you are not performing at your best. This feeling may cause you to isolate yourself somewhat and you may start avoiding human interaction. Do not ignore the signs if this happens as it could lead you into a depressing pit of despair.

    Do you remember the time when you were absolutely sure of what you wanted? Do you remember the clarity you felt when you made that choice? If you are on the wrong path, you will feel the exact opposite of that feeling. Your thoughts will get muddled, a lot of bizarre ideas will fill your mind, and the clarity would be lost. Your subconscious is basically trying to tell you to think carefully before you make your next move.

    The universe also sends us signs that things are not right. One of the strongest indications is through what appears to be a coincidence. When you are on the right path, things seem to just fall into place but, if you aren’t, they just seem to get tougher by the moment. You may lose a deal, you may face a bizarre accident or something unusual may happen which will prevent you from pursuing the wrong path. Do pay attention to such coincidences. They could be the universe looking out for you by taking you off the wrong path.

    Needless to say, you will always find yourself distracted if on the wrong path. Obviously, since the path you chose was not meant for you, and it wasn’t the most comfortable place for you to be in, you will end up welcoming the distractions as well. If you notice that you are spending more time on distractions and less on your choice, it might be time to look at other choices.

    The one fact that should definitely make you think about the path you are on is the feeling of overwhelming self-doubt. You may start questioning each and every life choice and feel miserable since the path you chose was not the one you were supposed to be on. If this happens and you feel that you are losing your self-belief, try looking for new opportunities, as the current one may not be ideal for you.

    Your gut feeling is what drives you on a path. It’s a voice that comes from within, telling you if you are
    meant to be on this path or not. Trust your instincts, they are like a direct connection between your destiny and your choice. If your gut disagrees with your choice, if it rebels against the things you are doing, and if it tells you that something is missing, do not ignore it, for it is the true voice of your soul and heeding its call will lead you to happiness..

  • @thecaptain
    So true. The best way to recognize not being in the flow is to stay close to how it feels in the flow. Think of all the times you were energetically in the flow and how much synchronicity happened, things crossed your path effortlessly. Things fell into place. The right people entered your life. There will always be ebb and flow and down time but if downtime or retreat lasts way too long than yes you've lost the flow of being present in your own life and centered enough to hear guidance clearly.

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  • I always liked the episode in "Seinfeld" where George became successful because he decided that - since everything he had been doing previously had not made him happy and every choice he had made was the wrong one - he would do the exact opposite of what he would normally do or choose.

  • @thecaptain HAHAHA! I remember that one! Funny! His parents were a riot. That apple didn't fall far from the tree.

  • There is much wisdom in comedy!

  • @thecaptain so insightful....i need to get back to my true inner self....I feel pointless, no dreams or goals anymore, just did I become the complete opposite of who I use to be...and where do I even begin the climb back into my authentic self???

  • @jenmcdonough6gmailcom try making a list of all the ways you wear a mask or pretend you want something that you really don't.

  • @thecaptain I wear the mask of a people long as everyone is ok, I am as well...but now I am 39, I live alone, everyone has their own lives and I don't know how to live for myself. I feel like what is the point.

  • @TheCaptain I do speak my truth, I teach special education and I hold firm in my beliefs professionally, but socially, I am lost, and inside I feel empty...I have nothing I look forward to, all the hobbies, and different groups of friends, and love that still shines through my aura, it seems to disappear when it comes to loving me...I get home, get in bed, and that is it. Next day, alarm, drive, work, drive, home, repeat. I feel I have become a drone....and at this point I just want to give away..start new....I travelled all over this country hiking and campling and really living off the land....I feel like I am rotting here....stuck....
    Sorry....I have read so many self-help books I can teach the courses!! But application...I need accountability....outside of myself. It is selfish of me...I have so much gratitude for what I have been given, but I am wasting days and months even years of my gifts and talents away in depression, self-hate, the overall feeling of failure...I can be need help...I need someone to guide me...walk me through it...I am like a baby just learning what it is to care for myself, and that it is important and necessary...yet, my bed wins everytime...what is the point...there is a vast caveran between where I am and where I know I want to be and can be.....but is is so dark, and I am alone...
    VENTING>>>>SORRY ...not negative....just brain spillage....thank you for listening and means more than you know.

  • @jenmcdonough6gmailcom do you recall all those dreams or goals you had before you got married/had children/settled down? Maybe you can revive some of your old passions? You need an adventure to kick-start your spirit.

  • @TheCaptain never married, no kids, lived my life out loud...than had to make choices to care for family, make money to survive, and I have turned around recently where the heck has the past 10 years gone??? what happened to me. Kick starting a trip is something I would do all the time, now, 3 jobs, sick family, my own mental/physical health where it should

  • @TheCaptain sorry, I don't mean to burden you with all this negativity....people actually call me "smilinjen"....I know this cannot be resolved right now....but if you can reflect more on it....all your input you have given me over the years....I truly believe and follow....thank you for your guidance, and any other insights you may have about my current situation.
    Thanks darlin'

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  • @jenmcdonough6gmailcom how many of the above warning signs are present in your life?

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