Which door scares you the most?

  • Here's another fun personality quiz (since Blmoon loves them so much). It's based on Joseph Campbells idea that 'the cave that scares you the most is the one that holds the treasure you seek' or that by facing your fears, you will find happiness.

    Pick a door, any door, the one that you dislike the most or that gives you chills.

    Door number one: inside an old abandoned house, a door stands slightly ajar. But you cannot see or hear anything beyond it because there is no light within, only impenetrable darkness. A single overhead lamp flickers intermittently in the corridor and shows the faded wallpaper on the walls as you stare at the door and decide whether or not to go in.

    Door number two: this door is at the bottom of a long flight of stairs leading down into a cellar or basement. The metallic walls and floor have a greenish tinge, but the door itself is not visible in the darkness at the bottom. A handrail runs along one wall down the stairs.

    Door Number three: this 'door' is actually a small opening in an ice cave. Everything outside is cold and frosted with snow, but the opening itself is just inky black. It is freezing and night is coming.

    Door number four: this door stands on the outside of an old derelict cabin. It is hanging open and creaking in the wind. A glass-less window on the side of the cabin shows only darkness inside. Everything is grey around you including the door. The smell of rot and mildew reaches you through the open door.

    Door number five: underground, a large dark tunnel stretches out before you, the floor at your feet is covered with puddles of dirty water. Rustling and splashing sounds can be heard further on into the darkness. Some sort of machinery is humming in the background. The red stains on the walls could be rust...

    Door number six: an old but sturdy looking blue door at the end of a corridor is covered with multiple chains and locks. But is it to keep something out or something in? You can hear someone - or something moving around on the other side of the door.

    Door number one meaning: you are a very clever and analytical person, able to see things as they are. Your values are what is most significant for you and you expect others to believe the same. The wall covered in wallpaper shows you have high emotional and spiritual walls, and can be hard to reach out to. However, the light is a sign that you are willing to take down those walls, at least for some close but true friends. The treasure you are searching for is emotional satisfaction, and what you want is to connect to someone emotionally as well as intellectually.

    Door number two meaning: choosing stairs that lead to a cellar or attic indicate that you are a free spirit and like living your life to the fullest. But this door symbolizes the fear of being buried, or fear of death and the unknown. The treasure you are searching for is good health, so you need to eat better, exercise in the fresh air and sunshine, seek traditional or alternative health advice, and take more care of yourself. Although you tend to overthink, you love life, deep down you love yourself, and you will definitely find your treasure.

    Door number three meaning: you may have spent a long time looking for emotional warmth. You're scared of feelings like sorrow and disappointment, so you prefer to be on your own. However, it could also mean you are living a beautiful period of your life, and you have realized what you want and what makes you happy. You're a person with values and you respect independence and freedom. The treasure you've been searching for is love, both romantic and platonic.

    Door number four meaning: if this decrepit cabin is your worst nightmare, then you are a generous person and you always look out for others. You're also loyal and honest but not everyone appreciates it. The cabin is a symbol of love and security and seeing it in ruins means bankruptcy or loss. Fearing this cabin means the treasure you desire is wealth. You know that to get it, you have to work really hard. However, you should not forget that the people you love don't need material objects, but only your care and support.

    Door number five meaning: being afraid to enter the tunnel means that you fear emotions, both your own and those of other people. You are emotionally intelligent and intellectually smart, but the water shows that you need to clear your mind and come to better understand your thoughts and feelings and what makes you tick. You need to stop worrying about your problems and start actively looking for a solution. The treasure you seek is confidence. To solve your problems, you must express your feelings and remember that, at the end of a tunnel, things are much clearer.

    Door number six meaning: being scared of the blue door with chains can mean several things. Blue is the colour of the sky and that symbolizes stability. You're productive and you tend to achieve all the goals you set yourself. You are creative and capable of solving problems, and you are a good leader. But you may be holding yourself back out of fear of moving out of your comfort zone. The treasure you are searching for is relaxation. You shouldn't devote yourself to work too much as you need some time out to enjoy the simpler things in life.

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  • Me -number five. I hate that dark tunnel!!!!

  • Mine was door number six .. which I found very interesting .... with things at the moment .... it resonated

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  • @thecaptain
    OK....NOT SURE! The number four cabin was a no way, not out of fear but soon as it said mildew I had to say no way....not out of any fear but I'm very allergic to mold and mildew! So does that count? Otherwise not scary. I found number six the scary one. None of the others indicated proof of running into something alive but six was for sure and HOLY SHIT what ever it is is under heavy locks and chains....which was kind of funny to ask to keep in or out? UH DUH....the chains are on the outside! No brainer? Although maybe something is being held captive and it's not at all dangerous but could be an opportunity to help. Which after reading the meaning does play well with the interpretation of holding back for a sure thing. Six did relate to a reacquiring truth that comes with big changes.

  • Blmoon, good to know your super-hero Kryptonite is ... mildew! 🙂 Mine is maggots - ugh.

  • @thecaptain
    no, it's grits! hahaha! Ever taste that stuff? I never heard of it until I moved south. Morning after my fourth son it came on the breakfast tray. I thought it was cream of wheat! I gagged! And who doesn't hate maggots? Some weird kid somewhere I guess is checking them out with a magnifying glass.

  • Ya gotta have true grits!

  • @thecaptain
    So I've heard! Dead maggots if you ask me.

  • People seriously eat boiled cornmeal? And they're not being forced to???

    I think this scares me the most ...

  • My Cousin Vinny pops into my mind 🙂 "no self respecting southerner uses instant grits" That's as close as I come to grits!

  • @tarotnick
    For real! Southerners take their grits seriously. I keep my opinion to my self down here. You don't insult the grits. I grew up in Chicago and never heard of them! If you order a full breakfast here and tell them to keep the grits they look at you like you lost your mind. I always hear...... oh they have to be cooked right. NO, just a tasteless grainy bowl of sand if you ask me and no not even a load of cheese helps.

  • number 2

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