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  • Here's another just-for-fun predictive test to see what the future holds for you.

    Don't think about this too much. Choose the path that most resonates with you at present: which path reflects your feeling for your current situation?

    Path number one: a wide paved road leads up and over a small hill with landscaped green (but dark) woods on either side. The end of the road cannot be seen yet from where you are, yet the horizon gleams with sunshine.

    Path number two: the road you are walking on swerves suddenly and vanishes around the bend - the woods all around you are dark and thick with densely-growing trees, obscuring your vision.

    Path number three: you come to a fork in the road - a small side path leads off from the main road which is wider, graveled and better maintained than the dirt track off to your right. Yet the small path draws you.

    Path number four: an over-grown road winds through and disappears into a thick rather chaotic forest. Around you, the trees loom large and tall and block out most of the sunlight.

    Path number five: you walk a red dirt track strewn with small stones and rocks and, on either side, large blue boulders are strewn about, though nothing is actually blocking your way.

    Path number six: you are climbing upwards on wooden stairs through a long dark tunnel of trees that nevertheless shows a hint of light in the distance.

    Path number seven: a few thin sparse trees without foliage and green lawn-like grass lie either side of a small track that leads straight ahead of you.

    Path number eight: a leaf-covered fenced walkway winds around a body of mist-enshrouded water.

    Path Number one reading: Love - as long as you are decisive and can adapt to changes, your love life will be excellent and full of harmony. If you are single, keep things simple and follow your intuition, and you will soon find your true love. Wealth - the more positive you are, the better your life will become. There will be some ups and downs but prepare yourself to have an abundant flow of income and an accumulation of good fortune.

    Path number two reading: Love - you may experience some difficulty finding your soulmate, but you will eventually discover romance blossoming with someone you once knew but who you lost touch with. If you are already in a relationship, there will be occasional problems, but you will manage to work it out by being practical yet romantic. Wealth - accumulating wealth and improving your lifestyle is not going to be easy for you, but you will manage to do so through hard work, perseverance, and determination, It will take a while to achieve financial independence, so hang in there. Help will come from an unexpected source.

    Path number three reading: Love - if you are single, there are going to be many candidates in your love life before you find your one true soulmate. Your tendency to rush into love will make it difficult to find the perfect partner. If you are already in a relationship, you are going to experience a time when you will be tempted with 'forbidden fruit'. As long as you remain true, you will have a lasting and happy relationship. Wealth - as long as you remain careful of whom you trust with your finances, you will have a comfortable life. Investing in your self-worth and listening to the advice of good friends will reward you greatly. Doing or thinking something unconventional or different to your usual routine will pay dividends.

    Path number four reading: Love - though you will find your true love, the relationship might be difficult. If you are very emotional or unrealistic, it will not last. You will have to push yourself and put in extra effort to make it work. But there may come a time when you have to weigh up your best interests. Wealth - you will have to learn to work very carefully with your money if you want to have more of it. It will not fall into your lap out of nowhere. Seek advice and don't gamble when making financial decisions, and you will manage to accumulate moderate wealth.

    Path number five reading: Love - unless you are careful with how you deal with the needs of your partner, the relationship will not be a happy one. If you don't take your partner for granted or expect more than they can give, you will find true fulfillment in love. Wealth - though you can earn good money and are capable of accumulating great wealth, you are going to experience lots of expenditure if you don't take care of yourself first. Listen to the advice of family when making financial decisions and make sure to save some money.

    Path number six reading: Love - someone you thought you lost for good will reappear in your life. If you are single, it will spark a wild romance but, if you are already in a relationship, it is going to cause major problems. Think carefully before doing anything as you risk losing it all. Wealth - you are going to experience difficulty in generating a single income source. But with hard work and a good investment strategy, you will achieve a comfortable life, free of financial concerns.

    Path number seven reading: Love - if you are single, you will soon find yourself in a happy and contented relationship as long as you share and are honest with your partner. If you are already with someone, be careful of what you get up to. Secrets will be revealed and you may find yourself with nowhere to hide. Wealth - your financial future looks bleak and bare. Getting rid of debt and unnecessary expenses will bring a change in your fortunes and you will find more opportunity for wealth creation entering your life. Watch for a lucky communication!

    Path number eight reading: Love - you tend to push people away if they get too close. If you are in a relationship, you will definitely break up with your partner unless you change your ways. If you are single, it will make it hard for you to find true love and you may end up just settling for anyone who will stick around. Wealth - becoming affluent will require sacrifice. New doors will open for you, but you will be faced with the choice between domestic and work life. You will excel in one,. but the other will not work, out so be careful what you decide on.

  • Of course I picked 5 ....all those stones and rocks! OH I'd be picking them up and making friends! But the Love reading did not fit at all! In fact that part about listening to the advice of family when making financial decisions? Still laughing!

  • Blmoon, perhaps it means listen to their advice and do the opposite in order to be right?

  • This post is deleted!

  • Ok none of them fit me... I am loveless...hahaha
    1, I don't mind not seeing over the hill but didn't like the dark woods.
    2, again the dark woods, I like light
    3, the small path I would feel closed in
    4, I like order so I would have ignored the over grown
    5, I like green and you have to be careful with the stones
    6, My knees would complain on the stairs
    7, was close but without foliage I would have ignored it, I like life
    8, I rather not be fenced in

    So again I am not typical, a square peg for round holes....

  • This post is deleted!

  • @thecaptain
    I knew you'd say something like that! It's actually kind of true! I do do things differently and live better than any of my relatives. I have a Taurus brother who does alright but the rest of my family NO. Which one did YOU pick? As a fellow Bull I know getting financial advice from others let alone family ain't happening for you either! Taurus rules when it comes to pulling money out of our S! We may live on the broke ass edge at times but it is mostly because we are so talented at drawing in that cash. We higher evolved Bulls are also very generous and we know you have to give to receive and you got to keep that flow going. Also, the idea of sharing my personal business with relatives? OH hell no. And as for appreciating MY partner, they got that one ass backwards too!

  • @blmoon I don't know why they call Taurus the money sign as I never have any?????

    And I picked the one by the water number 8 - I will always go for something with water in it. But I do tend to push people away because I am an empath and can easily pick up someone's negative vibes. I have always been able to tell when a potential partner just wants sex, for instance.

    And by the way, do you like Rocky Road ice cream/chocolate?

  • TarotNick, would you have felt better in a desert or open plain? Or in a florist's shop? 😉

  • @thecaptain
    I wish I could have ice-cream! Carbs are not my friend. I read all the choices and honestly they all sounded a little dismal. Fish out another one!

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