Which path through the forest would you choose?

  • This test will reveal secrets about your personality and your present life path. To take the test, first start by finding a quiet, relaxing spot in your home. Try to imagine the paths in your mind and follow the feelings they inspire in you.

    From a choice of six paths through a forest, which one would you choose at this very moment to lead you to the other side or the end?

    Number one path: this bright well-trodden path leads you through a profusion of purple flowers on either side, with lush greenery all around, and sunlight filtering intermittently through the trees.

    Number two path: before you, a sunlit stone staircase leads upward through the trees, past some Chinese carved lanterns, but from there the upper stairway is mysteriously shrouded in shadows and you cannot see where the path is leading.

    Number three path: a flat earth-covered path winds through a wild and overgrown forest which spills out onto the path. The road in the distance disappears out of sight into the trees so that its final destination is unclear.

    Number four path: a half sunlit, half shadowed path lies straight out in front of you, with the trees on either side bending low to touch each other, forming a canopy of profuse greenery and grey gums above your head under which you can walk.

    Number five path: a sunny winding tree-lined path is covered in autumn leaves - red, yellow and orange. The path ahead abruptly turns a corner as if cut off.

    Number six path: a dark corridor of trees extends towards the horizon but, at the end of the road, a stream of soft glowing sunlight breaks through the shadows, like a light at the end of a tunnel.

    Which path calls to you?

    If you chose number one: you have a soft wistful spirit and a gentle nature. You take pleasure in beauty and you're at your happiest when surrounded by your favourite objects. Tradition and the past are important to you. By choosing this flowery path, it reveals that you like to take things slowly, and appreciate the little things in life - but there's also a streak of adventure in you. Though you tend to stay quiet, try making your voice heard more often. The time is right to say the things you've been feeling. Something new is coming your way, and though you relish safety and security, you'll be happy for the change. Like a flower in spring, you'll soon bloom, despite standing in manure.

    If you chose number two: you relish new adventures, new sensations, and new experiences. You're spunky and bold, and you don't like to play games. You have a strong personality and you don't mince your words. Loyal and trustworthy, you would never mislead a friend. The stony path reveals that you like a challenge and you don't mind an uphill battle. You've always felt that something beautiful is waiting for you at the top - and you're right! Keep climbing and, though it can be tiring at times, you won't be disappointed. You're so close to your goal. Your courage is a source of strength to those around you, but let someone see your softer side too on occasion. You both need it.

    If you chose number three: you like to take your time, think things through, and soak it all in. You ask questions and seek the answers. You lose your way sometimes, but you don't really mind. While other people fear silence and the unknown, you thrive on it. Choosing the wild path indicates that you are an introverted, wandering soul. Life is a grand adventure to you. But the path disappears at the end and you cannot see where it's headed. It's time to start paving a clear path and putting all your keen observations to work. Your quiet energy is a calming force and your curiosity refreshing, but do invite other people in to your world sometimes. You'll enjoy it more than you think.

    If you chose number four: you're a whimsical soul with a strong sense of humour. You're drawn to all things flashy and unique, and your life is filled with colour. Passionate and exuberant with a flair for the dramatic, you have a vibrant spirit that charms those around you. By picking the canopied path, it reveals that you're looking upward, rather than in the direction you are headed. Something is coming your way so be sure to look ahead sometimes too and not always be casting your gaze to the spiritual heavens or into a dreamworld of fantasy. You may be afraid to face a situation, but don't be - it won't be as bad as you think. It never is! People will draw energy from your humour and sparkle, but show them you can be serious when need be too.

    If you chose number five: you're a laid-back, salt of the earth kind of person. You're humble and sincere, and it's hard to rile you up. You're quick to forgive and forget, and even quicker to smile,. While others are sweating the small stuff, you're humming a little tune. Choosing the autumn path reveals you're in a transitory period. Neither summer nor winter, you're facing some changes, but you'll soon learn they are for the best. There are curves and turns in your path, sure, but you're a balanced person who can handle them. Your calm energy and warmth will be a help to those around you. Teach them how to let go of the things that don't matter.

    If you chose number six: you are quiet and thoughtful, and your feelings run very deep. You prefer solitude, though you're not opposed to good company. You're sensitive and compassionate and you radiate with sincerity. By choosing the dark path, it shows you're craving shelter and protection, but you're accustomed to journeying alone. Though you are not used to walking in the light, it's there for you at the end of the path. It's real. Don't be afraid of it. Your eyes will adjust to the change and you will find beauty in it. Your private world is beautiful, so invite people into it now and then and don't be afraid to reach out for help and support when you need it. This is your time to shine as you are nearing the end of the darkness.

  • As I sat and closed my eyes I found myself drawn between path two and six .. they both make sense .. I found myself standing there undecided which path would take me on a journey that Would allow me to be in that moment ! .... after reading them both I see what made sense with my choices ... I did eventually move down path six ... but that was after much deliberation .....
    This was truly interesting

  • Hey me too snap! Equally drawn to two and six, but chose six in the end.

  • @thecaptain

    wow that is interesting

  • Number 3 for me,

  • number one for me:)

  • @thecaptain
    number 5. Actually, I read them all and depending on the day they all look good!

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Jayann, does this mean you have trouble making choices or decisions perhaps?

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