A Quick One card Angel Guidance

  • @hekatesxing

    Thank you so much! Love and Light!

  • @reeseyreese

    You are so welcome take care

  • Hello, if you are still offering a card, could you please draw one for me? I would like to know what the spirits would like me to know on working on my gifts or talents as some call them? Thank you graciously.

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  • @juliem48

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    I was Shuffling and Focusing on your message ... and three cards flew out of the deck and onto the floor ...

    Angel of Friendship , speaks of focusing on friends that are uplifting, make you happy and support you on your journey ... those that share unconditional love on many levels ....

    Angel of Knowledge reminds us the knowledge comes when we sit in silence.. when we can stop and Be in reflection, contemplation... When we no longer chatter within, when we can find a place that is filled with Silence, we can truly hear what we should be listening to.... The messages are clearly given to us on many levels and it seems we know more than we first thought ...

    Angel of Meditation reminds us Meditation daily .. a daily practice of a few minutes sitting in meditation.. there are many ways to meditate, find what works for you whether it is a guided Meditation, sitting listening to music or within nature...a walking meditation, being in a meditative state while taking action of a task.. what ever type of meditation, Yoga works for you, Tai Chi you may find works best, the slow deliberate movements ... This takes care of your inner health on many levels ....

    Overall make sure your friends, those you spend time with are of value to your journey,,, the knowledge comes from within , remembering daily practice of meditation .... are things that will assist on your Spiritual journey ...

    take care , Blessed be!

  • @hekatesxing Thank you very much. It sounds like me and what I have been trying to do and more of what I need to do. Thank you and may you be blessed in whatever you need at this time.

  • @juliem48

    You are so welcome ...
    take care ...

    Blessed be!

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  • @badgerwoman
    Update: letter dated 01/07/2019 threw everything out. Now next appeal. got everything wrong and no help, Trying to undo te mess.

  • Hello @hekatesxing ! I’ve been asking the Angels this question for a while and just want to know if I’ve been hearing them correctly ! What type of future does my relationship with the man I am interested in hold (he’s born 6/28/1989, me 9/9/1994 just in case you needed!) thank you for your time , love and light ! Xx

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