Can I get a new reading anyone?

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  • It might help us to know exactly what you want if you ask a specific question.

  • What you see in my future? Will I find a better place to live and be happy? Will I win lawsuits in future?

  • FO, you create your own future by your actions and attitudes in the present. Make sure you are consulting your intuition in order to make the right choices and decisions for yourself. No one will have a life free of unhappiness or trials because that is the only way we learn and grow stronger and wiser. Make friends with uncertainty and change instead of trying to avoid them. The most effective way to manage change successfully is to create it. This requires seeing change as an opportunity, not a threat. Practice relentless self-development. Diversify your interests - learn new skills, new knowledge, and new manners. Embrace your mistakes for they are teaching you to be wiser, to survive. You are here on this earth to evolve so you will always encounter situations that help you do so. Do not seek to avoid them but try to believe you have all the wisdom and strength - and support from your angels and guides - to overcome anything. Believe in your own strength and wisdom to carry you through anything. Then you will not need to prepare yourself by consulting a psychic about the future because you will know that you can cope with whatever life throws at you.

    I get through this life by believing in three things - that you are never sent anything you cannot handle, that there is always love, help and support close by when you need it, and that everything you do encounter is good for you in the end because it helps you to grow and become a better person.

  • @thecaptain your reading is like I do not know all that already and is useless to questions I asked. Thanks anyway

  • If you know it, why aren't you doing it? Knowing and doing are two very different things. If you believed you could create your own future, you wouldn't have to ask about it and it would be the one you chose for yourself. Instead, you seem like someone who believes they are a victim of random fate. Which you are not! I think you are waiting for a saviour to ride in and save you.

  • @faithfulone What I do not understand why the question re lawsuits .. we are not lawyers so can not give you legal advice .. and also re lawsuits there are too many mitigating circumstances to say a definite yes or No re lawsuits ... A better place to live i think depends on you making sure you read the contract.. see below the surface of the opportunity you are given or you take .... whether you desire to actually move from where you are ....

    if you question was I am thinking of moving .... how will I achieve success to find a better place that I will find happiness ? Then the question could be answered....

    The clearer the question the clearer the answer can be received .... instead of yes/ no questions which do not feel complete with a Tarot reading ... as the cards give answers more in depth ....

  • Faithfulone, try this for a way to solve your own problems.

    Make a list of all the obstacles in your life.

    Now start writing solutions - begin with practical workable solutions then just write whatever mad idea comes into your head.
    You are trying to release your own problem-solving creativity with this exercise. All the answers you seek are in your subconscious mind and you can draw them out this way. So even if the ideas become fantastic or silly or impractical, keep on writing them out. (At the very least, you will have a good laugh!).

    Now step outside yourself and pretend you are watching a stranger (who is yourself). Pull your perspective back and shed your emotional involvement until you can see the many people and circumstances around this 'stranger'. See all the paths available to this person that they may not see, being so close to the situation. Objectively assess who or what is there to help and who or what is there to hold the 'stranger' back. Assess objectively what you notice about the worries and fears and strengths of this person. What can you see that they cannot? Without thinking, what word or phrase springs to mind when you look objectively at this 'stranger'? How would you best help them help themselves?

  • Hello .... it might also help to know a bit about the questions .....even though that is not necessary in a "card reading" but it does help with other types of readings that involve psychic
    feelings. Your first question was about "moving and being happy". I can't see why you'd ask about that seems that if you check out areas you would have a general idea if it is clean, safe, easy access, price is right, size is right, location is right, etc. You could also talk to some of the tenants living in the place you are considering and see what they honestly think about the place. As to being "happy" there ....that could be up to you....if people behave and are good neighbors that should not be a problem.

    As to lawsuits....this one is confusing....are you a lawyer who tries cases? Or are you someone who is expecting to be needing a lawyer or being sued by someone with a lawyer????
    Your question is a bit unusual...and might need a bit of a different reading because of it.

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