Can you guys do a reading for me for my twin brother?

  • My brother is in the hospital. And he has some health issues that I can't discuss online. But I can say he is my twin and I am very worried about his health. And since he has been having these health issues 6 months ago. I don't feel the connection that we shared. In a way, I feel like it's been severed. I'm worried the connection is gone. Im concerned he won't get better or be the same. Can anyone do a reading for me for him? We share the same birthday, he is only a minute and a half older then me.

  • So sorry to hear your news and hope he gets better soon. His medication might be the problem with you not connecting. Maybe you can make a time with your brother to connect. He might feel like you and miss your connection.

    I had a connection with an ex boyfriend but it only works when he wants it to.

  • I feel like he is having some issues in the head area, maybe the ears or brain. Whatever it is , it is interfering with his communication with you. Also I feel pain is causing him to close down his receptiveness. But I feel this will pass. It is certainly not you.

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  • @thecaptain you are correct in that assumption. I can only hope they can properly adjust his medication he is on. I feel like the brother I had is gone, and has been replaced with someone I dont recognize. Plus Im worried about his wife, I hope she will be able to stick with him. They have children together. When you say pain, what kind of pain is he having? Do u mean physical pain ?

  • @jayann thanks, its been difficult the past couple of days. Waiting to hear when we can visit. When i was little, i could sense when something was wrong for him. Now our twin connection, I dont feel it anymore. I havent since this started about 6 months ago. I think its his meds but I am not sure. I feel like a part of me is missing. It feels weird, and no one understands. Sorry, I dont mean to sound negative.

  • @tuliplilly it feels like some sort of neurological pain to me, like his nerves are jangling.

  • @tuliplilly
    you are not being negative you are just trying to clearly communicate how you feel.
    sorry if it (hug) hurts.

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