Nasty surprises - can anyone tell me what is going on.

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  • We were in a Mercury retrograde period during March and I feel it was a particularly bad time for you, Jayann. But September is set to be a very GOOD month for you when all your hard work will finally pay off.

    And yes I too have been experiencing all sorts of issues with communication and devices. Thanks Mercury retrograde! But now you are gone for a while, thank goodness.

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  • I went through this last year from June - Dec. It was all I could do to hang on tight. Hard to walk, then changed to different dept at work, emergency hospital, car stolen and a total burn, moved, retired from work, divorce final, had to use a walker to get around, doctor finally found my bone problem and am scheduled for surgery next week. So things are coming around now. HAND IN THERE.

  • @badgerwoman
    good luck with your surgery.

  • @jayann
    thanks ...

  • More nasty surprises.
    Will they never end.

  • @jayann Hello,
    I m a psychic reader. I feel for you that you needed to slow down and that is why you had trouble walking as your physical body will slow you down when needed.
    You will recover and start a new with your life . I feel water around you as if someone invites you to cruise on their boat and enjoy a fun time with them . I hear the name of Harold around you and this is someone whom you will meet or know. He is a jolly fellow and helps uplift those that need it.
    Life does not always flow smoothly, we have to have challenges to change from within outward or simply to make needed changes in our lives.
    I feel some new friends coming in your life that will help you find your way to more joy. One name coming in here is Joyce and Tullie. Your needs will be met and you will make it $ wise also as I feel you have some concern with that. A residential move to a smaller , perhaps warmer climate is here to.
    Have a great new beginning, you deserve it.

  • @mistofemerald
    thank you so much for your reading
    take care

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