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  • You are loved here. We do not judge you .... we know tough love is hard to accept ...but necessary in one's healing.

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  • ....from your birthday in 2018 till your birthday in 2019 ....

    Yearly reading
    A year of experimentation, variety or indecision in love and friendships.
    I am creating variety in my love life. I am learning about my need for variety or my indecision regarding lovers and friendships. Maybe in a love triangle lovers or friends, that you must come to terms with this year.

    MER nov 6-dec 27 A brief period of love satisfaction, a hasty marriage that will not last, a pleasant short trip or experience of some kind. Don't plan any major changes or trips, or try to initiate any new ideas until after this period.

    VEN dec 28-feb 18 Divorce or disruption of marriage plans - betrayal of mate or lover - disappointment and endings. Contentment with all financial matters.

    MAR feb 19- apr 11 Intense restlessness, changes in a legal matter, travel for business or pleasure, argument with males or over some legal matter, change in business or legal plans, or plans with men. Travel, a move, change job, or may make relationship suffer.

    JUP apr 12- june 2 A financially beneficial divorce or separation, or change in business, a successful business trip/

    SAT june 3-july 24 A difficult divorce or separation, can cause illness. A heavy karmic relationship to teach you lessons about yourself and your love nature. Success with anything to do with hospitals, doctors, health, healing. Emotional self control and the ability to communicate helps you through difficulties.

    URA july 25 - sept 14 You might find success in acting, painting, music, writing, speaking. Psychic mind be used to advantage. Unusual or unexpected success in any field.

    NEP sept 15 - nov 5 Sacrifice of personal dreams, helping others brings spiritual rewards and inner peace.

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  • @moona-ali if you choose to embrace its energy and direction, 2019 will be a special year for you, one of much illumination. It can be a time in which you will experience much soul growth and you will be called upon to give of yourself, your time, your talents, your insights. This is a very spiritual vibration and it is best to channel the energy of the year into some artistic or psychic endeavour. Your intuition should be humming with revelations, visions, and psychic clarification. 2019's energy will bring with it inspired thinking, originality, and inventiveness. There may be unexpected associations or unexpected break-ups now as new understanding dawns. The year will bring you opportunities to gain prominence in some area of your life. You may find yourself in the limelight and in a favourable position to launch a new and unique product, idea, invention, or service where you can use your originality. 2019 for you will be a time of psychic development, spiritual awareness, enlightenment and accomplishment. The year has a divine vibration which will help you in achieving your objectives in life. You will collaborate with others to work for a common cause for the benefit of all. Your intuition will guide you towards innovative accomplishments and creative subjects. You will be interested in things like the arts and spirituality. You should not scatter your energies on too many things, however, and concentrate on a few important things instead. 2019 will endow you with a special energy which can be used to motivate others. You can use your magnetic personality for achieving things beneficial for the well-being of society. You can be instrumental in bringing different groups together to achieve a peaceful environment. You will be embarking on a new path, quite different from your old monotonous routine, and will face challenges on your journey. There may be many successes, but you should be ready to face failures also. The challenge will be to adapt to the new environment, and be successful with the help of your intuition and divine intervention. The coming year's vibes for you will embody providential inspiration and making things happen. In 2019, you may discover an easy access to enlightened ideas and projects that can have a profound effect on others and yourself. The might lead you to achieving and creating in a direction that you have never been before.

    2019 for you will also be about relationships of all kinds. You might find that the relationships you make this year - be they romantic, social, spiritual or business - will be quite meaningful to your growth. But in all things, you must push yourself beyond what you have ever done before and past any insecurities or fears and this will offer you additional challenges. Yet the potential benefits of the year can be enormous. Along with it being a relationship-oriented and emotional time, you’ll be presented with opportunities to learn profound spiritual lessons. This can manifest in every way imaginable - from coping with crisis to embracing massive success. Remember this as you take in all the experiences the year has to offer you. While it can be at times slower moving, when you add the intensity of the energy, the year can take on an entirely different trajectory. Meaning this can be a time of huge gains in career if you’re focused on tapping into your artistry and putting yourself “out there” into the spotlight. You’ll be acutely sensitive, if not downright psychic. Can you trust your gut instincts and - moreover - make practical use of them? True, you’ll be grappling with the 'push-and-pull' of ego, giving and receiving love, and (hopefully) stepping into self-confidence in a way that is useful to you and to those around you. You will face intensities that test and strengthen your sense of self and higher purpose. This year, you are the spiritual messenger, the inspired but wounded healer whose beauty and grace under fire can be unsurpassed when handled optimally. Hang in there, slow down, and get ready for a heart-centred year. What will you manifest in 2019? Will it be the beginning of a new life path? Or a new relationship? Stepping out of your comfort zone and being out there in the world by sharing yourself with others is the big challenge. You must let go of your self-judgment and step into your brilliance. Also, don't forget to nurture your relationship with yourself, the most important relationship of all, from which all others flow. Be right with yourself and you will be right with other people. 2018 was all about new beginnings, a new start for you. 2019 is definitely your "Go for it" year.

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  • @thecaptain hey i want to know my fiance physical with his gf?

  • @moona-ali your 'fiance' has a girlfriend?

  • @thecaptain My fiance went physical with his side chick

  • @moona-ali then why is he still your fiance?

  • @moona-ali I am going to ask you some questions for you to think about?
    Do you really want to listen to all we have already told you and be empowered on your journey or are you going to continue living in a fantasy world?
    Be real... look at the situation for what it truly is? The facts of the situation .. This guy has moved on .... he is with someone else .... he was physical with another woman .... he does not deserve you ...
    Be honest with yourself ...

    Everyone here has tried to help you, they have all given you incredible information allowing you to be empowered.... to move on ..Let him go .. you deserve better than that ....

    Until you can stand on your own two feet .... you are giving him the power to manipulate your emotions ....

    I think everyone has done what they can for you .... now it is time to move ahead .....

    it is a lot of energy for these readers to connect and to give you ideas, suggestions to move ahead .....

  • @hekatesxing 😢😢i know I'm trying to move on but i can't 😭 I'm stuck

  • @thecaptain hmm yeah..!0_1555281032267_IMG-20190323-WA0065.jpg my fiance ateeb ali khan Yousufzai and his girlfriend

  • @thecaptain 0_1555281266963_IMG_20190308_165037_695.jpg that's me