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  • We all have our own self-image, an internal perception of who we are. This image is encrypted with emotions and energy that we unknowingly project into the world. Since energy and vibration resonate, the self-image we carry attracts certain experiences and people into our lives, ultimately setting the tone for how we experience life. Many of us are not satisfied or pleased with our self-image because, in most cases, it was not formed intentionally. Instead, it was shaped by situations we experienced and people we encountered at a young, impressionable age. Yet once we become aware of our self-image, we can shift, transform, and essentially re-invent it. This transition brings us more into alignment with our true spirit, liberating us from the ego and freeing us to be who we really want to be. This change occurs at a very deep, core level. Reinventing your self-image can transform your life.

    So what is your current self-image or how you think other people see you? And what would you like it to be?

  • Me, I have been told I come across as quiet, amiable and intelligent at first meeting. I think I am a caring, spiritual person with a good sense of humour. What I would really like to be is less perfectionistic and judgmental - and be much wiser with money.

  • Me, I am quiet and will fade into the background while helping others. I rely on my honesty and integrity and that I believe comes through to others. I have also learned how I think which has helped me. There is a simple test called true colors... I never knew why I would come up with a comeback after it's too late. I like to think things through before acting. Which is funny because when I do readings I react off of the emotions I pick up, but I trust I am doing it for the right reasons so I know I am helping and doing good...

  • @tarotnick do you have anything you would like to change about yourself?

  • I am constantly changing and trying to improve (some times I need a shove). I have stayed true to my core which has allowed me to brake chains of my youth. I still find small links that I over looked but manageable, and about 2-3 years ago you heard me cry (waaaa) I lost my job and couldn't find one for about a year and a half. That was a big wake up call. The 15 years prior I was on coast just being, thought I was stable. Lesson for me was it wasn't enough. I was itching for more but diddn't know how to get out of it because I got comfortable. On the road to growth again, but I doubt I will try and get comfortable. I will strive to grow mentally. Besides learning and growing I am starting to find out about Mindfulness. I didn't think I could calm the brain, but I feel lighter even after a 5 minute session.

  • @tarotnick, I am in the same boat, trying to get out of my own way so to speak... you may have already heard about him, but Eckart Tolle has some awesome books in regards to mindfulness and being present. I have been reading his books and listening to his YouTube channel as of late and he’s been very inspiring to me as I try to truly understand this practice.

  • @thecaptain, this is so true! I love this post! I am working on this myself and trying hard to understand how our personal “reality” reflects our outside experiences. It’s fascinating how tied it all is. I think that’s the point of living in the present. If we hang on to the past, we become too identified with situations that might not accurately reflect who we are, due to always learning. We learn, we become better, but if we still hang on to who we were before what we learned we stay “stuck”... at least this is what I observe in myself. And if we identify too much with the future, we never appreciate where we are at, we worry we won’t get where we “want” to go, or we worry about losing things we don’t want to lose. Again just something I see in myself. It’s really hard to truly live in the moment at all times. I see myself as quiet, slightly insecure, strong willed, adventurous, and empathetic. I also like to hide away from the world a lot. I think this holds me back, but maybe I just really like my privacy. I dunno, I’m trying to figure it out.

  • @andidilly I like the Dalai Lama's tweet "Time is always moving on; nothing can stop it. We can’t change the past, but we can shape the future. The more compassionate you are, the more you will find inner peace."

  • @andidilly

    Yes.... living in the moment is THE most important thing you can do for yourself on a daily basis. Nothing wrong with wanting to be "alone" even if it is a lot. This is also being in the moment ....recharging batteries, grounding, analyzing, absorbing, relaxing, getting inside yourself. This is taking care of yourself ....physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, etc. There is a time and a season for everything - and each of us needs more or less than others, or at different times.

    I am quiet and observant. Blend into the background a lot ... but I do so intentionally. I am studying everything, everyone around me. Taking in "info psychically" too from the people around me at any given moment.

    I am also a very good listener ... and only offer advice if asked ... and when asked I am completely honest and open about what I have personally experienced or "feel" about it.
    I have a calm, quiet, healing vibration around me ....drawing people to me out of the blue.
    I just accept it the universe is putting them into my life for a reason ...and maybe I am the person they need to communicate with at the time. People remember me and seem to cling to me if I don't set up "psychic boundaries" around myself.

    I am not materialistic ... I have learned it can all be gone in a second. It can always be replaced if need be unless it is a life. So I life simple and modest, needing for nothing, just the bare essentials and am happy with this life style.

    A lesson I have had to learn over the years to NOT let other people make me feel bad
    about my beliefs or not bragging or showing off about all the expensive things they have or places they go. I am happy and content and have no need for the same things they do.
    I smile and tell them how nice and to enjoy these things. I ignore the pity in their eyes and
    think to myself they are the one's that are losing out. I am blessed extensively!!

    The more I do for others ...the more I can let go of ... the more I can get rid of ...... the more room is opened up to receive new things I need or want of importance in my life.

  • We need to be very clear about whether the things we think about ourselves (especially the bad things) are what we have actually experienced ourselves doing - eg. if you have the thought that you are unkind, or selfish, or cold etc. - can you recall definite incidents where you displayed such qualities - or is it just something someone else told you you do or are? Always distrust what other people tell you unless you have checked within yourself to see if you have actually displayed this or that quality. Because sometimes other people can just lash out and say mean things if they are feeling pain and want to make others feel just as bad. Also you are not seeing yourself in a balanced way if you see yourself with all good or all bad qualities. We human beings all have our strengths and weaknesses and it is helpful to know both in order to work with and expand on the former and correct the latter.

    Some believe that a person's self-image is defined by events that affect them (doing well or not in school, work, or relationships.) Others believe that a person's self-image can help shape those events. There is probably some truth to both schools of thought: failing at something can certainly cause you to feel bad about yourself, just as feeling good about yourself can lead to better performance on a project or job. But it cannot be denied that your self-image has a very strong impact on your happiness, and your outlook on life can affect those around you. If you project a positive self-image, people will be more likely to see you as a positive, capable person.

  • I acknowledge that being a perfectionist (while it might look good on a resume or in the eyes of your boss) has actually held me back as far as getting things done and finding a partner. Looking for perfection in an imperfect world means you may never complete any projects (like my writing) because you never know or feel when you are truly finished. You are always looking for the perfect moment or person or story or situation or home which never comes. It's a bad habit I truly want to break.

  • aaahhh this statement I truly understand. I am also a perfectionist and have had to learn to relax more and allow things to not always be perfect. It killed me at first inside to do this- so ingrained in me from a young age receive praise and admiration ...and to feel a great sense of accomplishment inside myself as well. Being a virgo is also why I had this trait.

    The more I can accept things as NOT being perfect..the better I feel about my world ...and my health got better and I was not stressed all the time or overly busy getting everything perfect. I felt more at peace. For example ...not doing the dishes after supper right away or even until the next morning. The world isn't going to end ...I lived alone many years so it was not a priority then. When married and working ...being this organized help keep my world sane (could find things I or family needed immediately) and it taught my girls how to do so many things for when they would be grown and managing their lives. I see how it has affected them and I am proud. I have also learned I am just as strong now as when I was a perfectionist. I see I no longer need "approval or attention or praise" ...its ok to be me ...even if that means I am "sloppy or tired or bored or just not wanting to do something).

  • See I am not Stubborn!...hahahaha well yes I am...hahahha they got me on that one. I have learned how to use it for good. I stop myself when I see that I am not listening, instead of blowing up...your not supposed to do it that way. Take a breath and be open to other ideas, that was a loooong rode to learn. Also it allows me to accomplish things after I fail at something because I won't let it beat me. After a failure I learn ok, let me try it this way, ok that didn't work either let me try this. After learning a few times (failure is ok) the accomplishment feels good just for me.
    Badger, I had to move from my family for a bit because of work, those dishes would speak to me CLEAN ME....CLEAN ME...hahahaha

  • AHAHHAHA ...yes, how well I know what your saying about the "dishes speaking to you" ...I went through that too ....but I had to practice at saying "no, its ok to leave you till I am ready" took awhile but slowly, ever so slowly my consense accepted this ....and over the years it has not been a problem to do, say, act in the moment as to how I feel. Now I don't even hear the dishes calling to me ....or any other mess or task. Guess age might have something to do with it too. We have control over how we live our lives.

  • @tarotnick when is it stubbornness or just the sheer determination from knowing that you are right? It's hard to tell the difference sometimes.

  • My first thought was, I am always right, I am in a joking mood.
    I think these are two separate things. Age and knowledge has helped. I trust my heart, when I am right and I will do what others won't. As an example, at work I was doing things that others looked at me, why is he doing that? which allowed me to help others. I also opened myself up to show them my errors so they wouldn't make the same mistakes. My stubbornness I have found that when something is wrong I know I goofed, I get quiet, my brain says to listen. When I was younger I would blow right through those signals... now I listen to them. So I don't see them as the same, does that make sense?

  • So stubbornness is knowing you are wrong but not accepting/admitting it, while determination is being sure you are right and sticking to your guns?

  • Stubbornness is neither right or wrong, it's putting your heals in the sand and being dragged or not moving. Learning when to move your feet is a lesson.
    Determination is sticking to something and seeing it through to the end. When you can take an easier route or just give in...determination will see it though.

  • @tarotnick
    tricky one! That old cliche "to know yourself is the key to recognizing TRUTH answers that one. It is a challenge to tell the difference despite strong impulses. Sometimes our most INSISTENT and persistent impulses are not about a guided message but instead are our shadow side we are blind to urging us to make decisions that keep us in our safety zone. Or keeps us in the dysfunctions of our wounds. The walls and self sabotaging decisions we make can come disguised as guidance. Once you KNOW yourself Shadow and all you will know your bad impulses well and when they most likely are to betray you. BLESSINGS!

  • I think admitting you were wrong about something may be one of the bravest and self-accepting things you can do. Hardly anyone in my family can do this which means their egos are always teetering on the brink of breakdown at the thought of failure or making a mistake. If it were easier and happened more often to admit your mistakes, there wouldn't be so much pressure to never make them. How many world leaders are capable of it?

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