Emergency reading please stressing

  • Hello i am sorry to ask this but please stressing about my section 8. Im a single mother with a 4 year old. I made way over then i was supposed to and told my worker. I decided to just put my 2 weeks in for my job so i wont have any income after that. But now im afraid to tell my section 8. I wanted to tell her i just got confused with the dates but im afraid she will question it. Can someone please tell me what to do? Or can someone tell what will happen in the future if i tell her i got confused with the dates? Will she believe me or question it?

  • have no knowledge about this subject ....will leave it open to those who do. sorry.

  • What is this section 8?

  • not sure but I think it has something to do with the state or government helping to pay for one's rent ....maybe more. Don't know anything about it ....this is the same problem that jayann is having. Maybe she can explain?

  • @shefie , did your pay increase after you were given section 8 status? If so, any change in pay you are legally required to report within 10 days or you could lose your voucher and possibly face legal action.
    Why did you quit your job?

  • @shefie
    What is section 8?
    Also what country do you live in?
    Sorry to hear you are in a similar boat as me problems with government.

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