Healing wheel

  • THE CAPTIAN suggested I start a "healing wheel" as a separate topic so that others can join in to ask FOR healing help and others can "provide" healing help.

    And if you have never sent out energy or tried to heal from a distance .... and want to learn or give it a try ..... please join us. Your energy will still be useful and you might learn something new.

    I have just started a "healing" session with one lady in the UK. If you want to join ....let us know.

    If someone needs a healing ....let us know.

  • I am offering my healing services to this group. We can perhaps coordinate our healing times. I live in Australia.

  • Ok ...am keeping notes on who lives where. Do what you can for now until we can get more organized. I do my best work late at night here when everyone goes to bed ...usually after 10 pm my time and afternoons when roommate takes a nap.

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