Captain Can you help me?

  • Hi. I was wondering if you could help me out. My bday is 5/31/82 and my ex/ guy currently in my life as adults is 10/2/81. we have horrible communication and its gotten worse within the last 3wks. this is our biggest issue. do you see this turning around? i really love him and im hoping that somewhere down the line we can settle down together. please tell me what you see. i have started to be deeply depressed. thank you so much.


  • oh just in case you need it i was born at 7:20 am. his natal chart shows my sun in his 7th house and our numbers came up to 29.8, ill be 29 next yr. i sorta dont understand what that means but thought i would give you the info. he has been in my life since i was 14 we dated when i was 15 the rest has been a long story but he's been gone for the last 5yrs and now he's back. i have a different mentality and now im ready for what he wanted then. he says he loves me but im hurting him and pushing him away. how he talks pushes me. i know we genuinely love each other. i hope that there is no one else i should be fearful of. he works alot and is in a period of extreme transition.

  • You two are not known for your social skills - a quality your relationship doesn't change. The main challenge you face is to get along with each other on a daily basis. At its best your relationship is intense, thoughtful and gratifying but at its worst it is disturbing, conflicted, and intolerant. If you are to avoid argument, you must find things on which you can agree - neither of you takes anything at face value. You both are notoriously hard to convince but together you may settle on a religious, political, philosophical, financial or artistic creed or set of beliefs that you can both accept. Is it really so important to win that argument? Learn to monitor your noise levels. Calm communication is essential as is 'agreeing to disagree'. If this can be done, your arguments may become reasonable discussions and an easy relationship can be established. You two must be careful not to come off as bossy, domineering or supercilious to others, either. Once you have formed a relationship, you two are prone to adopting an 'it's us against the world' type of attitude which can annoy the people you mix with.

    A love affair is likely to be intense - in fact, it must be moderated to avoid burnout. Even when your physical contact is gratifying, disagreements of all sorts may ruin moods of contentment or exaltation. To know when to leave each other alone, you need to develop your intuition, and above all you must have faith in the relationship's ability to heal wounds and promote understanding. Doubt, worry and control must be relinquished, leaving things to go as they will.

    Marriage is most successful when you two share the same belief system. Otherwise arguments can tear you apart. Coming from similar backgrounds can also be a stabilizing factor. If you are too different or have too many opposite beliefs and attitudes, the relationship will be destroyed unless you can both learn to accept each other's differences. Intolerant or prejudicial points of view will spell the end of this relationship so you must establish common lines of agreement.

  • thanks you. just one quick question, is there anyone else in the picture I should be worried about? we havent spoken in a week. and he hasnt seen me in a month. im trying to figure things out with him?

  • The only thing coming between you two is you two.

  • well I'm trying to do better. I am in therapy for my issues with him from the past, but i dont see any effort on his part. Will he start showing any? And if so when? We havent spoken in a week and i havent seen him in a month and a half.

  • You must face the reason you broke up. That is where the effort must lie. Don't do the work on yourself in order to get a response from your friend - do it for you.

  • We dont speak anymore. I call he seems distant. I have had a bad dream in regards to him and now my spidey senses are going off. what is going on?

  • Your ex no longer wants you to be in his life. He has lost interest so you must move on as well to find real love with someone else. Don't worry - every person has several soulmates over the course of their lifetime. You will find someone else much more compatible.

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