candle magic

  • anyone into this?

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  • @jayann

    there are many books on this .... it is a form of magic one performs in order to help cause change. It can be used for good or bad. You can look online to get a broader idea of what it is and how to do it.

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  • @jayann

    you use various candles, prayers, meditations, etc to build up power, energy, focus to send out into the universe a "request" you want solved or handled.

  • Is magic not simply willpower and desire?

  • @thecaptain

    it is the biggest part ...other things are "tools" to help you focus and fuel that crecendo of willpower and desire to its peal and send it to its goal.

  • Could you tell us what you have found to be your most effective method for harnessing the necessary willpower and desire? Are there any best times of the day, week or month to do so?

  • @thecaptain

    Books and teachers will tell you different ways they do it. None are wrong. It is a matter for you to choose you know what will stir your emotions ... which ones will make you mad the fastest ...or make you cry instantly ...or melt with desire ...or feel deep compassion.

    For me there is NO special time of day or night to do a working .... if it is a regular request.
    Depending on how much time I have to complete my task ... and the mood I need to create ....I will sit quietly and close my eyes to ground myself and put a white light around me and things close to me for protection and added energy.

    I will put the image of what I am working on/sending to my mind. I will begin to build my emotions that apply to the work. I will speak also, in my mind, or out loud, or yelling.
    I will produce any/all emotions I can to get really worked up. When I feel the energy is at its peak ....I will sent it up and out into the universe. I will give thanks, take a deep breath
    and stop the white light and send any remaining energy into the ground beneath me.
    I will keep a notebook as to who the work was for, what the request was, the day and time,
    and any feedback from that person.

    OTHER works of a deeper spiritual nature ......DO require a particular diciay and time. If it is one of these or a magical/wiccan working ...a cleansing bath is taken, room is smudged,
    items used are gathered and placed in position, and a protection circle is made. Then I make the motions and say the words to call in spirit helpers and arc angels and begin to build my emotions in whatever way I know to produce as much power, energy'and speed as I can muster. Often times working myself into a frenzy until I release it and Being drained and weak I will eat and drink something to ground myself and sit or lie down.

    I don't know if any of this is what you were asking about. IF not, let me know.

  • That is very interesting BW - I must try it! Thank you.

  • Your reading: this is more in-dept ... will give for this year and next year up till your birthday

    Yearly: strong indicator of illness, problems in work and difficult endings. Much success in doing spiritual work for humanity.

    Also - indecision or variety in social life or love life. Possible love triangle or love affair with friends or lovers you need to come to terms with. You have created an important challenge this year to learn and profit from this experience. Someone could be a bully to you.

    May 7-June 27 possibly a joint studies venture. Sudden, unexpected meetings with friends or family. Arguments or debates with aggressive, impatient female.

    june 28-aug 18 success in moeny made through the home, beauty products, artistic expression, clothing, or related to women. Spending a lot of money on others. Are you masking a hidden emotional insecurity and desire to be loved?

    aug 19- oct 9 relationships with me during this period are bad. Very positive period for all spiritualthings. It is possible you need specific information to help you in a legal proceeding.

    oct 10-nov 30 a young man could be a very beneficial influence financially to you. Success through creative ideas, writing, speaking, or selling. Spiritual work will be financially successful, loss of a job that is good in the long run ... could result in a better job,
    better health, better life.

    dec 1- jan 22 creative projects and ideas are burdensome. A karmic relationship with business person or associate you have obligation or problem with. Transformation in health or work. Death of someone you know. If health problem before this period - could now indicate a recovery or turnabout. Problems in health or work, delve to find the root of problem and solution will be evident.

    jan 23-mar 15 possible unexpected opportunities to create financial partnership that could be profitable in many ways. More spiritual gifts bestowed to psychics and natural healers during this time.

    mar 16- may 6

  • @badgerwoman

    see last one did not show up

    mar 16 -may 6 a trip that is delayed, cancelled or boring.

  • @badgerwoman

    I wonder if this worked?

  • @badgerwoman i was into candle magic. But i got out of it. But. I really like meditating with certain rocks. I have a purple amethyst and a crystal quartz. I do light a white candle when I am stressed while meditating. The candles have meaning and u can use incense. I accidentally burned myself when i was younger using this. And there were consequences. So i dont do anything else with it. Other then meditate for piece of mind. And praying for my brother who is back in the hospital.

  • @thecaptain it is said that simple spells with candles have a lot more sway then people think. When i was young i casted a love spell and I didnt know what i was doing. It backfired and i got punished for it, i think by karma or universe. So i stay away from it. But i do meditate with my purple amethyst and a white candle for piece of mind.

  • @tuliplilly

    magic spells using candles .... can be very tricky. Its your "intention" that determines the outcome. You should NOT attempt to take away someone else's "choices" ....only offer them the opportunity to consider you as a partner or whatever. Especially in dealing with love.

    Using candle spells to harm someone can be very dangerous and can/will come back on you. IF they deserve punishment for something evil ....then you have to be very careful how you word your request ....keeping in mind that the intent is for everyone involved's higher good. You can also add in your request .... deal with this person in the proper way as you see it.

  • @badgerwoman you are back
    @Jayann will be pleased she has been worried
    I hope you are better.

  • @mary-grace

    Am feeling much better ...but doing a lot of therapy sessions each week. Other hip a LOT of pain and trying to manage around it best I can. Saw my surgeon who set the next hip surgery for June 6th. So far and yet so near. I can't wait. Yes - will be checking in here from time to time. Happy to know I have been missed. LOL. love you all

  • @badgerwoman
    will pray for you and good luck

  • @mary-grace
    kisses and hugs and thanks.

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