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  • Hello all ,

    I have been going through quite a difficult time getting through each day , I feel like everything I’m doinh is just wrong and I don’t know what to do to fix it. If anybody could please give me a reading of some sort to help me figure out what im doing wrong and what I need to do next , it would be greatly appreciated. This is my third time posting asking for a reading request I don’t know why my requests never get seen but I hope someone sees this . My date of birth if you need it is 09/09/1994 . Thank you ,
    Love and light

  • @jayann thank you. The fact you saw this means it will be seen by others hopefully

  • Jodomi, the first thing you must do is cut back on the excessive worrying, as it leads you to blow your problems out of all proportion or see faults or lack in yourself when there is none. Ease up on yourself! Often when your biggest worry is fear, the greatest antidote is boldness. Whenever you act with boldness, you unlock your unused powers of creativity. Have you been holding back from trying for what you want out of fear? You can attract success by using higher words and thoughts when you speak to yourself and others. So whenever you feel anxious or low, use positive, energetic words to raise your vibrations.

    Also, for reasons you yourself may not be able to understand, you can often find yourself drawn to complicated and difficult situations. Part of the reason for this may be that you can often feel as if something is missing from your life, regardless of how successful, admired or settled you appear to be. You may have been searching for something to fulfill you - although you aren’t sure exactly what - from an early age. As a result, you are irresistibly drawn to people or situations that are challenging, complex or difficult or (because you were born with a naturally helpful nature) who seem to need your help. These type of people however are not be the best for your personal development, and this incompatibility can cause you to become very anxious and insecure. You must stop and take some time out to explore the deeper aspects of your own nature and other people's too fearlessly and fully. Because you are naturally attracted to social involvements and causes, you must periodically withdraw from the world in order to touch base with your unconscious, reflect on its workings, and use what you learn in the development of a greater understanding of your fellow human beings.

    It is important for you to understand that the missing piece you are seeking will never be found externally but by looking within you and getting in touch with your spiritual needs. This can help you find a balance between your quest for excitement and the more meaningful aspects of life. Introspection may be a frightening prospect for you at first, and you may prefer to indulge in reckless or wild behaviour rather than face it. But looking within is the only way for you to understand that the only person holding them back from your potential for success and fulfillment is you.

    Between the ages of thirteen and forty-three, there will be an emphasis in your life on socializing (especially this year), partnerships and relating to others, and these are the years when you will be most likely to find yourself drawn toward complicated or destructive situations or relationships. After the age of forty-four (or earlier if you do the work of introspection called for), you will reach a turning point that will highlight a growing emphasis on emotional and spiritual regeneration. This can spur you to new heights because, when driven by will, enthusiasm and self-belief, you will not only find the missing link you have always been looking for, you will be able to achieve miracles.

  • @jodomi

    I feel in order to help ... we need to focus in on what's been happening in your life ... can you give some examples or be more specific ... so we can give you advice in particular instead of
    broader answers that cover too much of the problem.

  • @badgerwoman i am currently in a new country (I have been here a year in May ) working as a live in nanny for a family while I wait for my citizenship to go through and also while I decide my next big move in life. While the family is very nice and generous , I have been finding it more uncomfortable and I feel out of place like I am viewed as less than the others that have worked for them . I also feel like I am stuck in the situation because I agreed to stay with them for two years but I am starting to feel that I want more freedom as I am young still but feel as though I cannot enjoy myself in this country truly while living under the roof of a family that is not my own. I guess I want to know if this is my path that I should continue to go with for another year or if i am meant to leave to the next thing? I have been feeling depressed for some time about my situation . Thank you for your time , love and light x

  • @thecaptain thank you , I can see how this applies to my situation a bit , greatly appreciated

  • @jodomi @badgerwoman hope this helps with your question

  • Jodomi, if you feel that everything you are doing is wrong, perhaps you need to change the orientation you use to make choices or decisions? For example, if you tend to be impulsive or just do what you want without considering alternatives or consequences, then maybe you need to stop and think more before you act. Or if you over-analyse and agonize over making a decision, maybe you should trust your gut reactions and instincts more. What sort of decision-maker are you?