Ex threw away crystals I bought him? Is that bad?

  • I gave him a rose quartz and an amethyst crystal a snap today he threw them in the river saying he wanted to forget me.

    What happens if you do this?

  • @jana-star, nothing. Other than having to come to terms with his childish behavior later on.

  • @watergirl18

    Wish I could show the video here . It’s pure comedy. Yes very childish . He threw them down the drains!

  • @jana-star, he’s a man-child. Good riddance! You deserve much better.

  • @jana-star

    ok .... don't understand this one at all. Am I stupid today or what? You have an ex ... is that a boyfriend or husband. If husband are you divorced? Why are you in contact with this man?
    Is he wanting back in your life?

    Why did you give him a gift? He threw them in the river or down the drain? And then he said he wished he could forget you?

    Yes, childish ....but angry at himself because his feelings are their for you and he feels bad you even give him a gift when he is not worthy ....but to throw the gift away for whatever reason IS childish and insulting. If you are able to still talk to him - tell him honestly how you feel about the relationship and what you want and expect from him IF he is wanting you back ...and what will happen to break off the relationship if he does such and such. Then see if he is sincere and willing to change or not. Then react accordingly.

  • Nothing happens to the crystals - someone else finds them maybe and gets the healing out of them that your ex has now missed out on. Things that are lost have a way of ending up with people who need them. When I lose money etc, I always think of that and hope it went to someone needy. However, with this loser of an ex, I hope he doesn't get 'found' by anyone nice. Throw him away and keep looking for a real gem!

  • @thecaptain

    good advice

  • @thecaptain L M A O. He definitely is a LOSER. 😂

  • @jana-star
    He just wanted to hurt you but shot himself in the foot.
    he threw away more that two objects as Rose Quarts are for the following.
    Rose quartz is one of the most popular crystals along with amethyst and clear quartz. It has a calming and soothing energy. It promotes self-love and helps overcome feelings of not being 'good' enough, self-criticism and resentment. It reminds us that when you love yourself and are happy in the moment there is no need for haste. Rose quartz embraces the one true currency of life, love. And the amethyst crystal is as follows: The wonderfully coloured amethyst, with its variety of shades of purple reminds us of the spiritual thread that runs through our life and can be used as a tool to aid spiritual awakening and intuition. Amethyst can bring a calming influence and therefore be of great help in times of change. It's excellent to hold or have by you when you're practicing meditation and when placed in a room it can help absorb negativity. Placed under the pillow it may help you sleep better.
    You gave them with love so who is the (what did @Anon-Undertaker-0 say) LOSER.

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