Facing Position of Tarot Cards in a Reading

  • I've done a 3 card relationship reading for a friend a few days ago about where exactly is their relationship going.

    Queen of Pentacles - King of Pentacles - 3 of Pentacles

    Btw, I used RW deck here (it's my go to deck, which I really connect very well)

    Looking at these made me say wow! This reading speaks of a perfect couple. Career oriented, stable, not rich but comfortable. They look like a perfect couple. 3 of pents only adds the air of cooperation, listening and such between the two. Before, I associate 3 of pentacles for work related affairs for example, they met at work or they simply do great work together.

    But then, I can't shake of the picture of the queen and king facing away at each other. It's like yeah we work great together, but i still have to attend to other things. Adding the king facing towards 3 of pents as is his work/career is more important or that is the one he is focusing his attention more.

    This is a very beautiful reading for me, but then why do I feel like emotional fulfillment is somehow empty? They seem to have it all, money, stability, comfort etc. Is it because there are no emotion cards? Or am I overthinking?

    Ps. I took a peek at the base card and saw the devil card - may be speaking about passion?

    I just hate the feeling of doing someone a reading and the later on thought of another possible meaning for it.

  • @raspberrygirl

    oh ... love the way you took this further by looking at the positioning of the people and what each was looking at. This is what happens when you give yourself more time to look deeper at the cards before you and allow them to talk to you.

    I don't think for a moment you are over-thinking this .... I think you were expanding the rest of the total meaning ... more on a psychic level if you will .... and you can always contact the reader again.

    devil ... I do not see passion with this card ... consider this:

    anger and resentment are likely to be important features of the querent's experience when this card appears in a spread---the sort of build-up of rage that occurs when one feels that there is no end in sight to an intolerable situation, and no outlet for one's emotions. this is only the querent's experience however; possibly there are other solutions to the problem which have not yet been explored.

    anger, oppressiveness, restrictions, trapped

  • @badgerwoman but they really seem happy together attending occassions going on vacations.

    Can this cards say that a certain 3rd person is resentful of their relationship? Just a thought.

  • @raspberrygirl

    This is just my own personal "feeling" about these two ... all is NOT happy with them behind the scenes. I feel she is the one feeling trapped and wanting her freedom or for him to change. Have you not read about or seen a movie about such couples .... where there is abuse or problems they do not allow others to know about or see? And many of these couples end up dead?

    This is how I feel and what I pick up from them. Too bad you can not ask the wife....

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