pisces dude confusing me

  • met this guy on tinder, we’d been talking for not very long.
    we were going to meet at a festival but we missed the opportunity. throughout the month afterwards, he’d seemed really eager to talk to me, extra flirty, some sly sexual remarks here and there even though i told him to leave if that was all he was after. i said i wasn’t into the whole fuckbuddy business and that he’s better off finding somebody else if that’s what he wants and yet he stuck around.

    he’d whine when i would be out with other friends, ask why i don’t tag and show him off on facebook. he’d say he wants to cuddle, spoil me, take me out on romantic dates and finally ask why i don’t meet with him when i spend so much time going out with other friends so i told him to take me out if he wants it so badly.

    the first time, he flaked on the day because he was tired. i let it go. the second time, he had no good reason and i let him know it annoyed me a little so he promised we’d go out within the next week and we could do whatever i wanted. we agreed on sunday. i was beginning to open up to this guy a little so i was actually looking forward to this date.

    on sunday, throughout the day, he didn’t bring it up until around 6pm, he sent a snap about an event happening in june and asked me to come with him. of course, i was annoyed and asked how he expected me to come with him to a festival overseas when he couldn’t even meet with me for a 2 hour dinner. he tried to dodge the subject and was replying really vaguely and didn’t give a good reason as to why he couldn’t come out. he was at home listening to music so?

    i told him to at least give me the respect to let me know when plans aren’t happening because i could be doing other things instead of waiting around getting excited for a date that he hadnt even given a second thought. and he gave a half assed apology and tried to change the subject by being funny but stopped when i let him know i wasn’t willing to joke around with him. this was the third time and i told him to not waste my time if he intends to keep making plans and then leaving me out to dry. he said it was uni stress getting to him which is fair enough but is it asking for too much for him to at least let me know?

    after this whole thing, we talked very little and he’d been getting more and more dry til he’s completely stopped talking to me now. it’s been around 5 days?

    i’m just wondering if i overreacted? and if me nagging put him off? or am i right to be a little annoyed? and should i just let it go and move on? is it even worth chasing if he seems to be this aloof about meeting up with me? it was nothing serious in the first place but i was starting to warm up to him. and is me initiating conversation going to chase him away further?

  • AHAHAHAHAHA .... you go girl!!!! You did exactly right! This guy is a player ...and could be married or have a girlfriend .... so he can't control his "time" with when to be with you.

    Wants to meet up overseas? Are you serious??? You haven't even met once. THIS IS A SCARY DUDE ....DROP AND LEAVE HIM ALONE. BAD feeling.

  • Dating apps are not so reliable when comes to meeting good guys. Its filled with con man and perverts.
    Meet and date real people not online dating. Risks are low in such datings.

  • @anon-undertaker-0

    yes dating apps are a BIG NO NO. You might want to watch DIRTY JOHN or read up about him. Scary dude! Woke me up!!! And I am not dating ...had no idea things were this bad out there. If it seems too good to be true ...it usually is. Listen to your gut and instincts.

  • There is this wonderful book He's just not that into you.... actually written by the guy who wrote for Sex in the City ..... with another Colleague...... anyway it is a great book for using Dating Apps ... as I have in the past .. and even after 12 years I am still friends with one of the guys ..... .. It is about going onto these apps with open eyes ... it is very rare to meet a genuine guy on these apps but it does happen.... but being cautious and being Strong, firm in your Boundaries is so important .....

    You totally did the right things .. being firm and concrete on what you expect you allow yourself to move forward ......Boundaries is number one for allowing yourself the confidence to be strong within .. Keep that inner strength .... Keep your inner light Shine ...

  • @badgerwoman Damn that Dirty John IKR? Its scary.

  • @anon-undertaker-0

    Ok ... inform this old lady what IKR means. thanks

  • @badgerwoman hahaha sure. IKR means - I know right? 😂. Its kinda internet thingy. Short forms for everything nowadays.

  • ooooohhhhhh thanks .... am slowly learning all these terms.

  • @badgerwoman It's easy yay!