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  • @TheCaptain ok what you said is addressing what I'm going thru w my son. His dob 06/05/1983. Things have been bad in past. He wants me to take him in. That's frightening for me literally. I've chose to not deal w situation. I've taken him in twice w bad results. I worry constantly concerning him. I feel I should help although there's a point I've reached where I say no more. Really hard situation.

  • @Dallyalot your son is feeling very isolated and alone at this time. It might be that he needs someone to reach out to him. If you don't take him in, at least try to make him feel less lonely and uncared for.

  • @Kerry that is too broad a question. I cannot answer for every man and baby mother.

  • @TheCaptain i was not asking for you to answer for every men and their baby mothers.

  • @Kerry then what exactly are you asking?

  • @TheCaptain ok will do. You're right Captain

  • @Dallyalot said in Action/Advice/Outcome readings ...:

    @TheCaptain I finally completed my artwork for my calendar. It's at the printer here. He's waiting to see if he can get 12x12 paper. If not, will have to make some adjustments. I designed a logo and in the process w small bus admin of getting tax forms done so can sell online. I don't think I will make much until I get more work out but you never know. I have recently disassociated w 2 of my moms caregivers and now doing that fulltime. It's hard on me being so close in. I'm also starting a new class that will enhance my credentials. A different caregiver will help. I see my mom's care as being long term meaning over the yrs. I was given that in a psychic impression. So it certainly could be long term. Art is therapy for me but I miss the people contact so much it hurts. My mom's health is finally stable after coming into my home very unstable from a nursing home. Many many Dr trips, a surgery and changes in medication not to mention getting her ins right. Finally stable. I can take a little break but the yr has already presented me many job opportunities just from me looking. I made the decision to stay home. I question myself on that a lot.

    The first option is to create my own design and have it printed at a copy shop. This may be rather costly. Online printing services are typically far less expensive than traditional local printing shops. You may do this with a variety of free graphics editors available online.

    Is it necessary for it to be a single sheet? Could you print parts of the design on standard or legal paper and put them together in a collage? Curtains on both sides, valances, and so forth?

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